Best Fizz counters in LoL

Check out which are the best Fizz counters for this LoL season: learn who you should be playing to increase your chances of victory.

best fizz counters lol

Image Credit: Riot Games

Fizz counters in LoL – the top three picks

While he’s not a popular pick anymore, Fizz is still considered one of the most slippery champions in the game. His high mobility makes him tough to deal with and he’s able to often get away thanks to his E ability. How many times did he happen to get away with a slither of health? Probably far too many times. To that end, we have listed the best Fizz counters in the game for the current season.

If you’re fairly new to the game, check out our guide on how counter picks work in League of Legends. You will understand why counter picks are important, and how you need to take advantage of them to increase your win rate. Make sure to also understand how classes counter one another in LoL so you always know what to pick in each game.

Sylas- the best counter

Fizz has a small advantage in the first two levels thanks to his burst damage. That said, Sylas gains an increasing advantage starting from level three: he can heal up a big chunk of health after Fizz’s combo with his W. All you have to do is make sure you can use the ability before he gets away with his E. As the game goes on, Sylas should get the upper hand in close combats.

Azir – outscaling the fish

Azir has a major range advantage over Fizz thanks to his soldiers. He can safely farm up during the laning phase and then outscale later in the game. All you have to do when playing this champion is be aware of the positioning: don’t allow the enemy to get on your face or you’ll likely get one-shotted. Pay attention to Fizz around the teamfights and don’t get trapped into his ultimate.

Kassadin – more mobility and more damage

Kassadin won’t beat Fizz during the laning phase but he should get an easier time compared to other matchups. This will allow him to scale up safely and reach his item spikes faster. The pressure will be on the enemy team since they will be on a ticking time bomb. If you happen to reach your spike, then you will be unstoppable and Fizz will never be able to run away from you.

dragonmancer kassadin

Image Credit: Riot Games

Worst Fizz counters

Xerath – the worst matchup

Even though Xerath has a range advantage, he’s far too immobile as a pick. This makes him extremely vulnerable to Fizz who can easily jump on him in multiple ways. Anytime Fizz hits the ultimate, Xerath is probably dead.

Malzahar – a bad choice

Similar to Xerath, Malzahar struggles with the same issues. What’s even worse is that the latter is even weaker in the early game, which means Fizz can snowball harder. Despite Malzahar having the ultimate to stop Fizz, it takes too much time for the mage to scale up to deal enough damage to shut him down.

How do you counter Fizz with the items?

When going up against Fizz, it’s recommended to stack magic resistance. Below is a list of items to build you should consider, based on the class of champion you’re playing:

  • Bruisers: Maw of Malmortius, Raenic Rakoorn
  • AD assassins: Maw of Malmortius
  • ADC champions: Maw of Malmortius
  • AP champions: Zhonya’s Hourglass, Banshee’s Veil
  • Tanks: Raenic Rakoorn, Force of Nature

What Champion counters Fizz?

The three best counters are Sylas, Azir, and Kassadin. Other strong counters are Gragas, Anivia, and Diana.

Does Yone counter Fizz?

The Yone-Fizz matchup is mostly skill-based. Both champions have ways to fight on their own terms with the enemy. Yone has to get short trades during the laning phase and dodge the enemy’s E. On the other hand, Fizz must take advantage of his burst damage to kill Yone and snowball the game

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