Best supports to play with Zeri in LoL

If you’re wondering which supports are strongest with Zeri, here are the five best champions you should be playing with her this season.

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The best supports to play with Zeri in LoL

Zeri is one of the newest entries in League of Legends. Ever since her release, she was considered an overpowered champion, to the point where Riot had to nerf and tweak her far too many times in the span of a year.

In season 13, she seems to have found a more balanced state, with clear strengths and weaknesses. In particular, she’s highly reliant on specific support champions to unlock greater potential and make the “one plus one is greater than two” work.

If you’re not sure which champions you should be playing with her, we have compiled a full list of champions that are 100% guaranteed to work with Zeri. We will be also looking at the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos, so you know exactly what to expect.

Yuumi – the no. 1 support for Zeri

If you watch lots of professional League, you probably know that Zeri and Yuumi are a formidable duo. There are specific reasons why the two are so strong together, even after Yuumi received her rework in Patch 13.5.

First, Yuumi boosts Zeri in every single way, giving her great peeling ability as well as all the tools to make sure she can use her DPS around the fights. The magical cat provides good crowd control and can run around with Zeri untargeted while also granting her extra stats.

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If they are engaged on, Yuumi just needs to boost Zeri’s movement speed and enjoy the kiting show, destroying the enemy team. On top of that, Yuumi is one of the few champions that can run two summoners spells like Exhaust and Ignite since she doesn’t need Flash.

Zeri and Yuumi, however, have a great common weakness: their early game. Forget about getting any lane priority or early objective control because this bot lane is one of the weakest pairings, especially when it comes to dealing damage. If you want to win, just chill and wait for Zeri to scale later on.

Lulu – The alternative to Yuumi

Given League players’ love-or-hate relationship with Yuumi, there are high chances that the support is banned, forcing you to play other champions with Zeri. For this reason, we recommend going with Lulu, the best alternative to Yuumi.

Just like most enchanters, Lulu has a shield that she can spam on Zeri, allowing her to tank incoming damage. On top of that, Lulu also has the choice to either boost Zeri’s movement speed or polymorph an enemy with her W.

In case these two abilities aren’t enough, she can also cast her ultimate on Zeri, granting her more health and size, and knocking up nearby enemies. Overall, Lulu has lots of tools to protect her AD carry. Regardless of what she does with her abilities, Lulu enables Zeri by giving her more room for kiting and essentially making her take over the games.

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Renata Glasc – The atypical enchanter

While Renata does offer some shield and peeling potential, she’s quite different from the supports we’ve seen so far. Nonetheless, she makes a great pairing with Zeri.

Renata has multiple tools to protect Zeri. She can use her Q to either grab or fend off enemies or use her E to deal damage and shield her partner. That said, the most important and broken combo for this duo is Renata’s Bailout (W). Zeri doesn’t have to worry about dying while jumping in with her ultimate since Renata will be able to protect her. As long as Zeri can get a takedown, she will be able to keep up her DPS.

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Not to mention that Renata also has a game-changing ultimate with the Hostile Takeover, making enemies go berserk. Whether it’s used offensively to initiate a fight or defensively to negate enemies’ engage, Zeri can take advantage of the crowd control to dish out her damage. That said, Renata is currently quite a weak champion, and the laning phase is not a walk in the park.

Nautilus – Crowd controlling enemies to death

While we did say Zeri works best with enchanters, there are also a few engage supports that can be played with Zeri. One of them is Nautilus thanks to the incredible amount of crowd control in his kit. He can provide good engage for his own team or use the abilities to peel for her carry, depending on the game state.

Even though he’s not able to empower Zeri directly, Nautilus has all the tools needed to prevent enemies from jumping onto her. He can use the passive, the slow on his E, the hook, or even his ultimate. Given the long crowd control chain, there is almost no possibility to jump on Zeri and killing her.

That said, this bot lane duo is harder to play since it requires a good level of coordination to extract the maximum potential. If you’re trying it out for the first time, there are high chances you will struggle.

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Rakan – One of the best all-in supports for Zeri

To round off the list, we have Rakan, who is the balanced version between an engager and an enchanter. His particular kit offers a mix of tools that come from both types of champions: he has some healing and shielding, but also good gap closers to start fights.


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Having said that, Rakan’s main “nature” as a support is still a protective one, and with Zeri, he should be treated as such. Don’t bother looking for flashy engages (unless necessary). Instead, look to use your crowd controls (namely E and ultimate) to stop any potential enemy threat that tries to kill Zeri. If you’re able to do that consistently, Zeri will be able to get into a great position and win the teamfights alone.

Make sure to not get punished early on since Rakan doesn’t have the same shields as other enchanters: if the enemies get too fed, the game will become unplayable for both of you.

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