Can FLY continue to remain undefeated? – LCS Weekly Preview

FLY are the only 4-0 team in the LCS Spring 2023: will 100T or EG manage to hand them the first loss of the split? Let’s break down the two matches in our LCS Weekly Preview.

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FLY faces two strong opponents in LCS week 3

FLY vs EG – Friday 10th 00:00 CET

FlyQuest are looking dominant at the start of the new LCS season. Not only have they won all the games, but they are “smurfing” on the enemies. From the early game to the later stages of the game, they are always ahead of their opponents and slowly build their gold and experience lead.

They have positive pre-15 minutes stats across the board, with insane KDAs: the bot lane of Prince and Winsome are currently sitting on a 17 and 17.5 KDA. For Evil Geniuses’ bot lane, this will be a tough match.

EG have shown good stuff so far, but aside from TSM, the two wins were against DIG and GG, and they lost to CLG. While they look like a solid team, the team doesn’t seem to have what it needs to beat FLY. In one way or the other, EG seems like a downgraded version of FLY.

They have a lot of things in common: weakside top laner, a strong proactive jungler, and great mid lane talent. Both also like playing for their bottom lanes. Unfortunately for EG, FLY seems to be better across the board: it will be more of a matter of how much can EG resist and whether they can at least match the early game.

Predictions: FLY 55% | EG 45%

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FLY vs 100T – Friday 10th 23:00 CET

After the series against EG, FLY will have to go up against 100 Thieves, who also had a strong start to their split. Aside from losing their debut match against C9, 100T are currently on a 3-game win streak, beating TSM, DIG, and IMT.

In one way or the other, they seem to be on a similar trend to EG: they are stronger than the mid-pack, but it’s uncertain how they will fare against the top teams. FLY will be their first big test of the split.

Just like most teams in the current meta, 100T is also playing for their bot lane, with both Closer and Bjergsen constantly hovering around that side of the map. What 100T has been doing better compared to a team like EG is playing aggressively in the early game: they are able to mechanically play the fights better and snowball faster.

This will be key in the match against FLY. Both teams have strong, mechanical players so if 100T wants to have a chance to beat FLY, they will have to be on point with that. Draft, as usual, will come into place, and we’ll see whether Bjergsen will try to pull out his Zilean again and play a protect-the-carry comp with Doublelift being the damage dealer.

Overall, the series between FLY and 100T should be closer compared to the one against EG. It should be harder for FLY to punish 100T on a mechanical level and we might see the pace of the game slow down a bit. That said, FLY are unstoppable and it doesn’t seem like they will drop the ball at this point in time.

Predictions: FLY 52% | 100T 48%

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