Can Origen make it to the LoL Worlds 2019?

Week 6 in the LEC continues the rematch phase of the 2019 Summer Split. In the following two weeks the entire league standings and even the chances for a Worlds 2019 participation will be decided.

Origen sits in the middle of the standings at the midway point of the Summer Split. With a 5-5 W/L score, they are far from matching their Spring Split performance. They started their rematch phase with a defeat against Vitality and tied the head-2-head to 1-1. With Vitality being be far the worst underperforming team in Summer, it doesn’t give much hope for Origen coming into Week 6.

Origen at LEC Summer 2019 Week 5

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Today Origen meets G2. The Spring Champions already handled OG easily in Spring and the opening of Summer. They are the clear favorites today as well. Tomorrow OG meets Fnatic another god tier team. The main issue is the team must pull out a winning game this week in at least one of the two matchups. If they lose both they will move onto 5W-7L and a chance to even miss playoffs. Knowing the up-tick in performance in Splyce, Schalke 04 and Rogue in recent weeks, If Origen goes 0-2 this week and then drops a game or two later on in the Split, they might eliminate themselves from Playoffs which could end up being a nightmare scenario.

It is not all doom and gloom though…

OG still has 70 Championship Points from finishing 2nd in Spring. This pretty much guarantees them a spot at the Regionals where they could possibly still make the gauntlet for Worlds 2019. But, there is also a very unlikely nightmare scenario where OG misses Playoffs as some teams can theoretically knock them out Regionals. Highly unlikely though.

Either way, let us look at what OG can do this week in order to secure themselves a buy into playoffs and Regionals.

G2/FNC vs Origen

It is hard to measure which of the two matchups are more difficult for OG this week. G2 has dropped only a single game to FNC this split and are literally “trolling” their ways to Victory week-on-week. If OG is to beat them in the rematch the domination has to come from Patrik and Mithy in the botlane. Most analysts would put OGs midlaner Nukeduck as the balance shifter for OG, but for them to beat G2 the domination must come from the bot lane. If G2’s Perkz and Mikyx are down the whole team is misbalanced and begins making unnecessary risks, which in turn Origen can punish and earn themselves the win.

When it comes to beating FNC on the other hand, the whole game must revolve around OG’s Alphari and Kold. A sure way to dominate FNC is to put toplaner Bwipo on tilt and temper Broxa’s jungle domination. If both are achieved at the same time Fnatic loses the game.

Knowing both winning scenarios is great. But completing both tasks in a single week with such radically different approaches in strategy for each matchup is damn near impossible.

But we are open to being surprised.

OG plays the last game of the day twice this week. Tune in at to cheer for the OG family.

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