PBE 7/11 League of Legends Champion changes

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest League of Legends champion changes:

Aatrox – He has been a little too strong, especially in laning phase ever since his rework. As a result, Riot will be slightly nerfing his health and damage on his Q. The base damage on the Q will be reduced at all levels, minion damage is lowered from 65%-100% to 50%-100%. This will slow down his early pushing power, reducing his ability to roam or get jungle camps. To compensate for the higher cooldowns in earlier levels with his ultimate (R), AD has been increased by 5% at level 2 and 10% at level 3.

Corki – E base damage slightly increased at certain levels, fairly negligible, not much change.

heimerdinger League of Legends

Karma – Her E shielding mana cost has been reverted to their previous levels to 60/65/70/75/80

Nasus – Ultimate health given has been reverted to 300/450/600. Great change considering Nasus already scales too much.

Pantheon – Attack speed increased by 0.052, now at 0.696. Will have a massive impact on early clearing and duelling.

Rakan – Rakan is much too effective in the late game, especially with his multiple crowd control abilities. Q cooldown has been increased at later levels while his ultimate has also faced a 10 seconds cooldown increase at all levels.

Sejuani – After the new tests on Sejuani, with Riot aiming to reduce her effectiveness without many items, it rendered Sejuani much too weak. As a result, E damage has been reverted, increasing damage by 10 at all levels while her R slow has been buffed back to normal. That said, the stun duration is down to 1.5s from 2s.

Sejuani League of Legends Public Beta enviroiment

Sion – Sion will be getting a massive damage spike to his Q, with the minimum and maximum damage ratio being increased by up to 10% (minimum) and 20% (maximum) at level 5.

Talon – Rake damage reverted back to normal, increasing the damage when thrown, and lowering the damage when returning.

Zoe – While no one likes playing against a champion that can one shot, Riot has determined the nerfs on Zoe’s Q were too hard. As a result, they will be heightening its damage, thus reverting it back to their previous levels.

Photo Credits: Riot Games

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