New North America League of Legends tournaments blow hot and cold

Riot Games had high expectations from the new content released this month, the updates and the addition of new tournaments. League of Legends players had mixed reactions, with the most anticipated event also causing the biggest disappointment. Clash was officially cancelled last weekend in North America and put on hold in other regions as well. Plagued by technical issues that couldn’t be solved in a timely fashion, this new tournament calls plenty of headaches to developers and players alike.

clash beta

For more than a week, Riot Games has promoted the new tournament, aimed at providing a competitive arena for casual players. The unexpected technical glitches popped up when the tournaments were in the early process of being rolled out across different regions. Players who acquired Clash tickets will not lose them, but an official launch date is yet to be announced. The developers are now taking all the necessary precautions to make sure the second attempt will be more successful.

Initially, it looked like the Clash event will only start a couple of days later than expected. EUW, EUNE and OCE days were pushed back two days but the 48 hour period proved to be insufficient. Players who have purchased the coveted tickets will be automatically reimbursed. The tickets will be refunded to their account for all regions and remain active to be used when the tournament returns. For the time being it looks like the best case scenario is for the events to start in early June.

ESPN+ to Broadcast NA League of Legends Championship Series

At the same time Clash tournaments failed, Riot Games has set another important milestone for its North American competitions. The League of Legends Championship Series games will be broadcasted by ESPN+, as announced over the weekend. The best part is that players who enjoy watching competitive games on Twitch, YouTube and Riot’s in-game player will not be affected. This agreement will simply open another avenue for those who enjoy eSports in general and League of Legends in particular.

Clash League of Legends

The first games broadcasted by ESPN+ are scheduled to start on June 16 as the NA LCS summer split kicks off. The major television network will continue to broadcast League of Legends matches in this competition until August 19. Some of the most successful teams will advance to the summer finals which will take place between September 8-9 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The best three North American teams will also play in South Korea this August and the major LoL World Championships.

ESPN+ has also acquired the rights of broadcasting other flagship League of Legends competitions such as North American Academy League, Mid-Season Invitational, All-Star event and Rift Rivals. This new partnership will apparently replace the deal between Riot Games and Riot Games, which was supposed to last until 2023. The Walt Disney Company now owns 75% of BAMTech shares and it is also the parent company of ESPN.