Cloud9 signs Jukes: their first roster addition of the year.

Cloud9, one of the biggest giants in the competitive League of Legends scenes, have recently announced their first roster addition of the year, Jukes. Flavio “Jukes” Fernandes had previously been a starting top laner in the Brazilian LoL team, Submarino Stars.

While initially beginning his career in 2016, Jukes had no intention to play competitively until starting for the Submarino Stars in late 2017. This makes Cloud9’s decision to sign the Brazilian an unexpected and surprising one, considering his limited presence in the scene, having yet to make it to the international scene at all.

Jukes’ role with Cloud9

Jukes will act as Cloud9’s substitute top laner, meaning Licorice will continue as the team’s starting player. It is unlikely Jukes will appear this split, however, we can expect him to show in a few games for the Summer split if Licorice fails to perform.

Cloud9’s move to sign Jukes is a long term strategy, where they intend to keep promising talent within the organisation and train them to be one of their future starting players. Deals like this also push existing players to work harder in order to keep their current position, in this case, Licorice.


© Cloud9

While this does add pressure to the individual, Cloud9 sees this move as what’s needed to claim the first place for this Spring split.

Cloud9 is going strong

Currently, Cloud9 is pushing through the year strong, now in second place for the 2019 NA LCS Spring split, only a single win off first place. Since the second week, Cloud9 have gone undefeated and emerging as one of the region’s top contenders.

This year looks like another promising one for the organisation, where in 2018 they brought glory to NA the first time in many years, entering the semi-finals of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship.