Dark Harvest needs to be changed, here’s why

For returning players who have taken a break from pre-season, you may have noticed Dark Harvest had received a major change. The rune now grants a “stack” when you damage an enemy opponent below half health. While it does have a 45 second cooldown, it gets reset to 1.5 seconds after any take down, meaning all kills or assists.

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There are a few reasons why the current Dark Harvest is damaging the current state of the game.

No counter play

As highlighted in a recent Reddit post, the current state of Dark Harvest provides no counter play for the opponent. Other combat heavy key stones usually need to be set up; for example, Conqueror or Grasp of the undying where the opponent is able to retreat at power spike moments. Dark Harvest on the other hand simply cannot be “out played” since poking your opponent below half health periodically is just too easy to accomplish. Note, remaining above half health for the entirety of the laning phase is barely feasible unless you wish to concede almost all lane pressure due to your opponent’s rune choice. While keystones such as Summon Aery has little outplay, it is incomparable to Dark Harvest which possesses scaling and high initial base damage.

Counter Riot’s own agenda

Riot has stated they wish to slow down the pace of the game by implementing the turret shields, however Dark Harvest completely works against this. Dark Harvest overly encourages early poke and skirmishes, leading to more frequent turret dives and trade kills. On top of the additional gold shields now give, snowballing in lane becomes a much larger issue, as the Dark Harvest user would possess both the scaling advantage and early gold boost.

Ruining ARAM

The current nature of Dark Harvest has also completely taken over ARAM, where Dark Harvest now trumps any keystone by far. The for runes have effectively been robbed away as Dark Harvest simply provides too much value. The old Dark Harvest may have been extremely good in ARAM, but the never ending poke in ARAM coupled with the new Dark Harvest’s nature makes it godly.

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