Doublelift’s brother allegedly murders mothers and heavily injures father

Over the weekend, news has been released regarding Doublelift’s tragic family incident. Yihong Peng, the brother of Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng has recently been arrested for murder. Yihong allegedly murdered one of his parents and severely injured another on Saturday, 31st of March.

Sources close to the incident revealed the stabbings were due to a recent break up between Yihong Peng and his girlfriend. Neighbours then called police when the accused was seen walking down a street and armed with a knife. Police then investigated his home only to find Peng’s mother dead, with the father being severely injured.

The incident is undoubtedly tragic with its far reaching impact hitting those closest to the family the hardest, specifically Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng. No sane person would be able to take such tragic news calmly without being affected; Doublelift is no exception.

Soon after the incident, Doublelift respectably chose to stay silent for a few days before releasing a short statement on Twitter. He quickly informs fans regarding the incident, confirming the speculation linking him with the incident.


Doublelift has stated he is continuing to process ‘this news and (will be) joining up with (his) dad and little brother” in the meantime. He also mentions he will take a short break from social media while he ‘works through this’.

It is unknown if Doublelift will be fit for play in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs finals match. Whether the incident will negatively impact Doublelift’s gameplay or entirely remove him from the starting roster for the match, there is little doubt the incident will impact him.

How will Doublelift’s incident impact him or Team Liquid?

1. If Doublelift decides to withdraw from competing in the finals match, Team Liquid will be forced to find an emergency substitute player. Doing so will dramatically reduce Team Liquid’s chance at taking the 2018 NA LCS Spring Playoff title. Doublelift is one of the pillars in Team Liquid, consistently doing well in the bot lane. Without Doublelift, the team will not only lack a superior mechanical player and shot caller, communication as a whole would be damaged.

2. A new substitute player would not have had the chance to practice with the team long enough, this will inevitably lead to lower than needed synergy between the team. This is especially severe for bot laners, as they have a support player they need to regularly communicate with. Without perfect communication, they can only fall.

3. Assuming Doublelift decides to represent Team Liquid in the final’s match, he will continue to be affected by the incident. Such a tragic incident will impact anyone, if Doublelift plays before he is able to settle / process his feelings, it is obvious, he will play worse than in prime condition.

4. Even taking a break a few days prior to the finals match will give the enemy team an advantage, as they are getting more practice time as a whole. Without Doublelift in these crucial moments prior to the match, Team Liquid’s bot lane synergy will take a fall, especially if they wish to adopt new tactics.