EG, 100T, C9 – three-way fight behind FLY? – LCS Weekly Preview

FLY continue to dominate the LCS Spring Split, but a three-way battle is rising behind them: who is the best among the three? Let’s break down the most important matches of week 4 in our LCS Weekly Preview.

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EG and 100T direct battle in LCS Superweek 4

EG vs 100T – Wednesday 15th 23:00 CET

100T and EG will face off in the first match of week 4. Both are 4-2 but their most recent result are the opposite: EG beat their direct rival C9, while 100T got demolished by the best team in the LCS FlyQuest.

This series is going to be crucial for both teams, as both are still hoping they can reach FLY in the standings. Given how dominant FLY has been so far, three losses in the standings will likely vanish all hopes of becoming the first seed at the end of the split.

Even if 100T lost to FLY, they are still looking like a solid team, especially now that it’s a bot-centric meta. Busio and Doublelift have been performing up to the expectations (and maybe something more).

EG are also playing around their bot side a lot more, but compared to 100T, their damage carry is jojopyun, having 31.2% of the team’s total damage output. If Bjergsen can neutralize jojopyun, then 100T will have higher chances of beating EG.

That said, we think EG is slightly favored leading into the series just because they are going on blue side, which they have been undefeated so far. If 100T had the side selection, though, then they would probably be favored.

Predictions: EG 51% | 100T 49%

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TL vs C9 – Saturday 18th 01:00 CET

While EG and 100T are going to have their direct battle, C9 is going to have a chill weak, facing DIG, IMT, and TL. The first two should be easy matches for C9, but the last one is going to be trickier.

Team Liquid have been going up and down, with some well-played matches but also terrible performances. The general sentiment seems to be that TL still haven’t figured out a way to play the game. Both CoreJJ and Summit would want to play strong side, but it’s inevitable that playing for one would sacrifice the other. Fixing this issue will likely take some time.

C9, on the other hand, are much more balanced in how they want to play. They are also one of the few teams that are willing to strong side Fudge when having favorable matchups. This can potentially give them a great draft edge in the near future when playoffs come around.

We’ll see whether C9 can also play around their bot lane since the meta is a lot more bot-centric. Berserker has covered more of a supportive role so far but eventually, he will also have to step up and take the carry role. If he can pull it off, then C9 is going to be a lot more complete compared to other teams and potentially make them the second-best team in the league.

Given the analysis, it’s quite obvious that the favorites in this match are C9. That said, TL will have the chance to see how far they are away from the top four and figure out a solution to their flawed playstyle.

Predictions: TL 42% | C9 58%

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