EU LCS match predictions for Week 3, Day 1

The EU League Championship series is now in full swing. Let’s see what the EU LCS teams have in store for us next in day 1 of Week 3.



ROCCAT vs. Giants Gaming – Game 1

ROCCAT in the past were not considered the strongest of contenders, however, they look promising this split. Their loss to G2 is not a large indicator on whether the team can advance further in the rankings this split, considering they were able to put up a stance until 40 minutes. Week 2 saw ROCCAT defeat Team Vitality, a deciding victory considering the team had struggled against Vitality in the past. Giants on the other hand lost all their games except for one, where one of the losses were against Vitality.

Prediction: ROCCAT 68% | Giants Gaming 32%

FC Schalke 04 vs. Misfits Gaming – Game 2

FC Shalke are performing stronger than expected, with their two losses only being against the top two teams in last split’s EU LCS, Fnatic and G2 Esports. Aside from that, they were able to topple the Unicorns of Love and more recently, ROCCAT. Misfits Gaming are doing even better, currently at the top of the leader boards with their undefeated 4-0 run. It seems like the additions of the three substitutes really forced the starting players to work much harder, and it is definitely paying off.

Prediction: FC Schalke 04 30% | Misfits Gaming 70%

H2k vs. Splyce – Game 3

H2k Gaming has fallen hard, coming from one of the better mid-tier teams last split to their current last position, sitting on 0-4. While H2k definitely needs to improve, and will improve as the split progresses, it is unlikely any dramatic change to their performance will be seen this week. Splyce too have been struggling, having fallen from the top three team last split to being tied with H2k 0-4 on the ladder.

Prediction: H2k 48% | Spylce 52%

Unicorns of Love vs. Team Vitality – Game 4

While Unicorns of Love dropped both their games in week 1, they have picked up, defeating both Giants Gaming and Splyce in week 2. Defeating Splyce is a big achievement, considering UoL were the lowest placed team in the 2018 EU LCS Spring regular season, while Splyce was in the top three. Team Vitality were expected to perform well this split, going 2-0 in the first week, however, they dropped both their games in week 2. Since Unicorns of Love are on a winning streak, and Vitality may be tilted, UoL are slightly favoured

Prediction: Unicorns of Love 55% | Team Vitality 45%

Fnatic vs. G2 Esports – Game 5

The battle of the two favourites teams, Fnatic and G2 Esports. This game as usual, will be very close, with the two giants not showing signs of slowing down. G2 Esports are currently undefeated, while Fnatic have only dropped a single game, that game being against Misfits Gaming, a team tied for first with G2.

Prediction: Fnatic 47% | G2 Esports 53