EU LCS Week 9 Betting Tips

Week 9 of the EU LCS is about to begin! The tension is reaching its climax, as teams prepare to battle for the final four playoffs spots. With that in mind, we’ve made some betting tips to help you get in on the action. Remember, though, that odds tend to change, so no guarantees!


Splyce vs Team Vitality

Splyce are on the rise. Ever since their solo laners picked up the slack, they’ve made a solid claim to being the second-best team in the EU LCS. They no longer live and die by Kobbe and KaSing, and unlike most European lineups, Splyce prefer to win their games through well-timed rotations and superior decision-making.

SPY Nisqy

Meanwhile, Vitality are all about momentum. If they secure an early lead, they can break open the entire game. But if they don’t, they quickly run out of steam. And sure, their mid laner—Jiizuke—might be able to put a dent into Nisqy, but Splyce’s side lanes are too strong for Vitality to handle.
You can bet on Splyce winning the match for odds of 1.60 (3/5) EsportsBetting.

FC Schalke 04 vs H2K

A single glance at the rosters would tell you that Schalke 04 should be the overwhelming favorites. And yet, this isn’t the case. It’s true that Schalke picked up the slack recently, but they’re still a team with a very sluggish early game. Hence, they prefer to sit back and scale until their carries get enough items to take over teamfights.

H2K Veteran

Unfortunately for them, H2K are kings of late game teamfighting. Granted, their early game is riddled with holes, but Schalke don’t have what it takes to exploit this weakness. And when it comes to talented carries, H2K’s Sheriff and Selfie will certainly give Schalke’s Upset and Nukeduck a run for their money.
You can bet on H2K winning the match for odds of 2.45 (29/20) EsportsBetting.

G2 Esports vs Team Vitality

It’s no secret that G2 Esports are going through their fair share of hardships. The bot lane of Hjarnan and Wadid is already incredibly inconsistent, but Perkz’s decline in the mid lane adds fuel to the fire. In the past, G2 could still rely on Wunder, but the nerfs to Gangplank made him much less of a factor in their matches. Finally, G2’s late game got much weaker, robbing them of their last reliable win condition.

VIT team

As for Vitality, they have the talent to challenge their foes on an individual level. And if G2 make a mistake—something they’ve done many times for the last 2 weeks—Vitality can seamlessly turn it into a game-winning advantage. From then on, it will be a matter of using the wild energy from Jiizuke and Gilius to stomp out the hope of the G2 comeback.
You can bet on Team Vitality winning the match for odds of 2.20 (6/5)

Photo Credits: LoL Esports