League of Legends EU LCS Match Predictions, Week 6 Day 1

Game 1 – Unicorns of Love vs. Misfits Gaming

The Unicorns of Love are not having a good time, having lost five out of their past six games, placing them towards the lower end of the EU LCS ladder, sitting on 3-7. On the complete opposite hand, Misfits Gaming are Europe’s strongest team, topping the leader boards at 9-1, only dropping a single game to Team Vitality in week 4. This should be a decisive win for Misfits.

Predictions: Unicorns of Love 13% l Misfits Gaming 87%

Game 2 – H2K vs. ROCCAT

H2k are by far the weakest team in the EU LCS, still as of yet to win a single game. Their performance recently has been disappointing, and shows no obvious signs of improvement. ROCCAT has shown to be fairly inconsistent, losing to weaker teams, but managing to pull victory overs heavy weights like G2 Esports earlier last week. This gives H2K a slight chance to take down ROCCAT.

Predictions: H2K 25% l ROCCAT 75%

Team Roccat memento

Game 3 – Team Vitality vs. Giants Gaming

Vitality had originally been one of the few teams to closely watch, being able to contest for one of the top spots prior to week 4. Unfortunately, they are currently on a three loss streak, placing them around one of the mid tier teams, 5-5. Giants may seems to be performing very poorly, currently 3-7 on the ladder, however, their performance against G2 Esports says otherwise. Giants has a fair opportunity to topple the teams usually considered better.

Predictions: Team Vitality 60% l Giants Gaming 40%

Game 4 – G2 Esports vs. Spylce

While G2 Esports had previously been the top team in the EU LCS in previous splits, they are showing deep inconsistencies this split. That said, they remain able to defeat top teams when playing properly. Splyce is doing quite well this split, showing they are able to contend some of the mid to top tier teams such as Fnatic.

Game 5 – Fnatic vs. FC Schalke 04

Fnatic are one of the prime contenders for the top spot in the EU LCS, the team being the only one to take down Misfits. FC Schalke 04 are also performing fairly strongly, only a win under Fnatic. That said, Fnatic looks much stronger taking into account the most recent weeks, their recent win against Misfits only cementing their strength in the region.