2019 European Masters Spring semi-finals prediction

The 2019 European Masters is one of the larger events not completely controlled by Riot Games, instead being a joint venture between Riot and ESL. As mentioned on the eumasters website, the event is designed to encourage competition between the various European regions and showcase up and coming talent in the scene. The two semi-finals matches along with the finals match will be held live in the Leicester Haymarket Theatre, England.



It is likely that the European Master will continue on for the foreseeable future in order to incentivise organisations to invest in the academy scene. While it may not be an extremely major event, the prize pool from the joint venture with Riot and ESL is definitely up there.

Misfits Premier vs MAD Lions

Misfits Premier have had a fairly good year, placing in the upper half of the LFL Spring Split and managing to secure second place in the LFL Playoffs. That said, the MAD Lions are no push overs, the reigning champions from the European Masters 2018 Summer Main Event, and victors of the recent LVP SLO 2019 Spring Split.

Prediction: Misfits Premier 40% l MAD Lions 60%

Fnatic Rising vs. SK Gaming Prime

Fnatic Rising are one of the newer teams in the scene, with Fnatic bringing back their academy team due to the EU League changes. While new, they have not disappointed fans, first in the 2019 LVP Spring Playoffs and with little surprise easily qualifying for the European Masters soon after. Similarly, SK Gaming were also made to bring back their academy team, SK Gaming Prime, due to the League changes. With both teams topping their groups without much contest, this match will be a close one to follow.

Prediction: Fnatic Rising 52% l SK Gaming Prime 48%