Final team roster for the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split.

The time for the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split is rapidly approaching. This means that the teams are pretty much fully set, and will enter the split with the following line ups.


When does the EU Summer Split start?

EU’s highest level of competitive play will start next week on the 15th of June. The ten teams will then enter the group stage with Vitality and Splyce opening the first game. All the competing teams in the EU LCS will play on the first day.

Team rosters | Changes from Spring > Summer Split


Giants has picked up a new support player, “SirNukesAlot”, to join the botlane. SirNukesAlot had previously been on the Copenhagen Wolves, Nerv and ALTERNATE aTTaX, where he made appearances in the EU Challenger Series.

FC Schalke 04

“Amazing” joined FC Schalke 04 late may, replacing the team’s former jungler, “Pride”. While Pride remains on the team as a substitute player, Amazing will take his position on FC’s main starting roster. Amazing was most well-known for his time spent on one of the game’s biggest and most recognised teams, Team SoloMid.


If you are wondering who Attila is, and why Minitroupax is off the team, do not fret. Minitroupax simply decided to change his competitive name and will remain on Team Vitality.



There has only been three changes made to the rosters across the Spring to Summer season in the EU LCS. While there is usually many more, it seems due to contractual obligations or simply the avoidance of risk in signing a new player for the split, most teams have made no roster changes. In saying so, it is also unlikely the standings for the EU LCS will change much from the Spring Split given the teams are not willing to make any new changes.


Top: Vizicsacsi
Jungle: Amazing
Middle: Nukeduck
Marksman: Upset
Support: Vander
Substitute: Pride
Substitute: Boris


Top: sOAZ
Jungle: Broxah
Middle: Caps
Marksman: Rekkles
Support: Hylissang
Substitute: Bwipo


Top: Wunder
Jungle: Jankos
Middle: Perkz
Marksman: Hjarnan
Support: Wadid
Substitute: Sacre


Top: Ruin
Jungle: Djoko
Middle: Betsy
Marksman: Steeelback
Support: SirNukesAlot
Substitute: Th3Antonio


Top: Smittyj
Jungle: Shook
Middle: Selfie
Marksman: Sheriff
Support: Promisq
Substitute: Candyfloss


Top: Alphari
Jungle: Maxlore
Middle: Sencux
Marksman: Hans Sama
Support: Mikyx
Substitute: H1iva
Substitute: Jesiz
Substitute: Obsess
Substitute: Special


Top: Profit
Jungle: Memento
Middle: Blanc
Marksman: HeaQ
Support: Norskeren
Substitute: EdinPriqtel


Top: Odoamne
Jungle: Xerxe
Middle: Nisqy
Marksman: Kobbe
Support: kaSing
Substitute: Kronos


Top: Cabochard
Jungle: Gilius
Middle: Jiizuke
Marksman: Attila
Support: Jactroll
Substitute: Nji
Substitute: Shemek


Top: WhiteKnight
Jungle: Kold
Middle: Exileh
Marksman: Samux
Support: Totoro
Substitute: AudreyLaSapa
Substitute: Neon