G2 Esports picks up promisq

G2 Esports has announced that they will be picking up a second substitute, promisq. While signed as a substitute player, it is likely we will be seeing him soon due to Mikyx’s wrist issues. Promisq’s presence is intended to reduce the pressure on Mikyx. As a result, he will replace Mikyx’s position in many of the scrims and will likely start next split if Mikyz fails to recover. That said, currently, G2 Esports announced promisq will only be staying with the team until the 20th of May, which is before the start of the Summer split.

Who is promisq?

Hampus “promisq” Mikael Abrahamsson is a Swedish support player, already having made a name for himself with the likes of major EU teams like FC Shalke 04, Ninjas In Pyjamas and H2k. Promisq began his career with inferno eSports in early 2015, before quickly joining Elements two months later. He has a mix of experience in both the EUCS and the EU LCS, while he had yet to achieve major success, he is a promising player.


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G2 Esports recent success

G2 Esports had always been one of the top teams in Europe, last year being their best yet, ending as a semi-finalist in the 2018 League of Legends World Championships. The team remain very strong this year, currently the leading pack in the LEC with a remarkable score of 13-3.

Can G2 climb higher with promisq?

As Mikyx will be taking some time off scrims, and is no longer obliged to play solo queue, promisq will be a key factor to ensure the team’s bot lane success in the coming month. As promisq had already been scrimming and practising with the rest of G2, we can assume all had been going well. Promisq will determine whether G2 can remain EU’s top team.