Get rewarded for watching Worlds

Finally, after countless years, Riot will be implementing an incentive for fans to watch one of their larger Esports events. Instead of giving out skins, Riot has revealed they will be allocating missions for every player for the duration of the 2018 League of Legends World Championships. These missions will subtly encourage players to tune in on these matches, awarding them either with Worlds tokens or exp for their time.

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The post by Riot mentions in order to qualify for these missions, participants must view the matches through “”, which will have embedded Twitch and YouTube streams.


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In the past, Riot has given some incentive for players to watch their growing Esports regions, such as Oceania, where viewers had a chance to directly obtain skins. However, being such a large worldwide event, it is likely Riot has been hesitant to distribute skins directly, as it would reduce their own profit.

How many missions will there be?

Missions themed around the Worlds event will be plentiful, including both ongoing watch missions and special weekly missions such as the one involving playing a champion previously seen in recent Worlds matches.

Overall effect

While Riot has revealed their intention to cut back on Esports, as shown on their more conservative plans for the 2018 League of Legends World Championships, they still aim to attract a wide audience. These new missions will certainly bring a handful of viewers in. That said, it is unlikely this new audience will be retained without an ongoing incentive. Instead, they would most likely tune in for a short period simply to complete these missions before dropping off the streams.

Will there be more “watch missions” in the future?

While it is not certain, Riot has expressed their intention to continue testing rewards for their player base in relation to the Esports scene. We can expect there will be many more missions to come in the 2019 splits, however, they will likely hold different rewards and objectives.

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