Griffin’s non-competitive LCK split

The first round-robin cycle of the LCK Spring split is about to finish, and the story of the LCK being a hyper competitive region comes with it.

Early on in the morning, LCK’s Griffin met with Gen.G on the Summoner’s Rift in the matchup that would secure a record for the Griffin organization, and a perfect (almost) first part of the split. The match was Griffin’s last match in the first stage of the LCK Spring Split. A win here meant they complete a perfect first part of the split with 9 wins and 0 losses and they either match SKT`s 2015 record of a 9W 0L streak but with 2 dropped games or improve the record with only a single game dropped.


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Gen.G did try their absolute best to halt Griffin in their conquest of the LCKs perfect first half of the split; Ruler sporting a Yasuo with Peanut on a LeeSin, Alistar support to top it off. The perfect way to wombo-combo. At least that was the idea.

Instead we saw Chovy’s highlight reel game on Sylas in Game 1, and Tarzan and Sword’s Skarner/Urgot full throttle combo in Game 2 that brought Gen.G to their knees and gave Griffin the coveted perfect split.

After Griffin won their battling for ultimate domination, SKT and KT Rolster took to the stage for the Telekom Wars. Every time this two teams meet we know there will be drama and a spectacle. No matter how much of an underperformer KT Rolster is this split; the match was a treat to watch.

After a tense first game that dragged out for almost 1 hour, SKT ultimately took game one and translated the momentum into game two securing a win in the first Telekom War of 2019.

What to watch this week?

The rest of Week 5 rounds out the first round robin stage and starts the second phase of the split.

One match to watch out for is the matchup of Hanwha Life Esports and DAMWON Gaming on Friday the 22nd, that decides which team gets to dominate the upper-middle part of the standings moving into the second start of the split. Both teams beat the lower part of the standings and lost to the likes of Griffin, SKT and SANDBOX. Therefore, this match will be a real head to head decider for the 4th spot at the middle of the split.

Another match to watch out for is Saturday best-of-three between Kingzone and SANDBOX. The first time these two teams met SANDBOX two-oud KZ in a dominating fashion. However, KZ has come a long way in rebounding this split and, even though they are at the lower part of the standings, they are improving dramatically each consecutive week, which should ultimately lead to their matchup with SANDBOX be a close series.

Finally, On Sunday we have a re-match between SKT and DAMWON. SKT is the clear favorite in this match, but if DAWMON manages to get a win in their first match against Hanwha and translate that into momentum for a 2W score out of Week 5, they are coming dangerously close to contesting the top seeds in the LCK and within striking distance of 2nd and 3rd place.

The sum of Week 5 should show us what to expect in the second part of the split, and if any team will come close to challenging Griffin this split.

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