Guilds may be coming soon

Riot has released a rough outline of guilds, a new concept which may be implemented in the future. This new proposed guild system is completely different from the existing clubs, in which players will not be creating their guilds. Instead, there will be pre-made guilds created by the system based on the guild / origin of a set of champions. Eg. Void, Piltover, Zaun and Shadow Isles.


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Players will choose their guild at the start of their ranked play (each season). The guild will earn points “battling against other guilds”, in exchange of rewards. Depending on the ranking of the guild you belong in, you will gain rewards according to the guild’s ranking; with higher ranked guild players receive greater rewards. Note, these points will also determine your ranking / title in the guild, currently in its concept phase as: Bedium, Shuriname, Sand Warrior, Son of Sun, Ascendent.

It has been proposed that the winning guild at the end of the season will reward all their players with a special guild skin. This guild skin will be based on a champion that had the greatest impact in the guild’s victory, likely by taking into account both the win and play rate. Along with a guild skin, the winners will also stand to receive a ward skin and summoner icon. Note, as usual, players with a poor honor ranking will be unable to receive these rewards.

This concept has been proposed as it is mutually beneficial for Riot and the for players. Players will gain greater incentive to play actively in order to gain the guild skin and other rewards. It also reduces player toxicity as it threatens players by being unable to earn a wide multitude of rewards due to toxicity. In Riot’s perspective, they may gain revenue if they implement items such as a “guild XP bonus by RP”.