Hall of Legends Ahri skins: Bundle, prices, and more

With the announcement of the Hall of Legends event, Riot Games also revealed the special Ahri skins to celebrate Faker’s legacy.

Hall of Legends Immortalized Legend Ahri

Image Credit: Riot Games

Hall of Legends Ahri – honoring the GOAT of LoL

After announcing Faker as the first player to be inducted into the Hall of Legends, Riot decided to finally give players what they had been waiting for: special Ahri skins (alongside a LeBlanc one).

While most were expecting his most-played champion, Azir, to be featured in this particular event, Faker will instead receive three different skins Ahri skins, each having different animations and aspects. Let’s see everything that you need to know about these three Ahri skins and his LeBlanc skin as well.

Hall of Legends Skins – Champions & Cost

There “basic” version of the skin is the Risen Legend skin line, which is given to both LeBlanc and Ahri. The former has a pricing of 1950 RP while the Risen Legend Ahri skin is included in the cheapest bundle priced at 5430 RP.

If you want to look for the more premium Ahri skins, you can choose between Immortalized Legend Ahri and Signature Ahri. The first is included in the 32430 RP bundle while the Signature Ahri skin, which even includes special animation when destroying a turret, costs a whopping 59260 RP.

To put it in perspective, the most expensive bundle would cost you around $500 to get it. It’s definitely not a cheap one, but the pricing will definitely make it a lot more exclusive and limited.

When are the skins released?

The new event as well as the special Hall of Legends Ahri skins will be added to the game with the next major LoL Patch 14.12. The event will run from June 12 to July 15 so the skins will be available for a limited period of time. For the most hardcore Faker and esports fans, this is the event for you.

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