GG huhi: “We couldn’t really make the snowball stop and they just took control”

We spoke with their support Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun after their disappointing 3-1 loss to NA rivals Cloud. He gives us insight on the rest of the season, and key sentiments from MSI 2023.

Huhi Interview MSI 23

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How did you find the dynamic of facing Cloud9 in two best-of-fives within quick succession?

It’s kind of anticlimactic in my opinion just because we wish that we could play another international team that we haven’t played. Cloud9, we just play versus them almost every time in the LCS. We’ve played them in the finals so we didn’t want to meet them again. Basically every region just got to play each other, so that was just a shame.

After winning game three, why did it not look like GG had any momentum leading into game four?

I think, in general, our draft didn’t really go as planned. They basically just had three pushing lanes with Nidalee, and played their early game really strong. We couldn’t really make the snowball stop and they just took control over it.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned during the tournament?

Basically everything. I think the most important thing was the laning phase – international teams are just so much stronger. Like you could see versus BLG in play-ins, we were just getting dumpstered in bot lane and after we kind of learned to play those kinds of matchups, versus JDG it went a lot better I would say. I think those kinds of things.

Laning phase is the biggest thing, but even in teamfights; how to position properly, how to find an angle, it’s just always a challenge no matter what whether we’re winning or losing. Even though we were winning, we were losing games because international teams are so strong at stabilising the game and playing their win conditions correctly.

In a broadcast interview with Laure you said that you didn’t think Zven was very good as a support. What are your thoughts after the series?

He beat me, so I can’t say much. But I still think that, for me, at least games one to three I was kind of gapping him and we were winning bot lane pretty hard all three games. Game four, the matchup, they are supposed to win – if I won that matchup then something is wrong. But still I think he’s doing his job properly, and he’s still a good player, I just thought that compared to other support she is one of the weak ones.

How confident are you in taking what you’ve learned to make a push for an LCS title in Summer despite C9 being the likely favourites?

I think we could have beaten them really easily. Game two we were really far ahead and we just threw our lead. Game three we won. Even game four – even though we were so far behind, I felt like we were still trying to fight back with a huge deficit. So I think compared to the [LCS] finals it went a lot better, and I think it will only get better [in Summer].

We won’t get that much of a break going into the next split, but let’s just hope that we don’t get too burnt out and we’ll be ready to have this momentum going into the next split and we’ll have a good chance.

huhi Stixxay

Source: Golden Guardians

You’ve successfully role-swapped to support, Zven has done the same and now Rekkles is making the switch. What do you think players need to be able to successfully roleswap to support? Is there a link with their previous role?

In my opinion, the most important thing is not from which role you’re swapping, but which playstyle you had in your original role. For me, I think it worked out really well because I was a mid laner who was already known for a roaming style, and finding angles to engage – stuff like that, compared to dominating my lane or getting the resources to carry myself. So when I was roleswapping to support, I just had to get adjusted in terms of champions and how the matchups are played bot, and I basically just played the same style of going to roam, finding engages, stuff like that.

So I think that for players like Rekkles who are known as a hypercarry and get lots of resources, I’m not sure how it will work out. But obviously he has great mechanics, so he should probably use that as an advantage and I think he can still do well.

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