Huhi set to join NRG as starting support

Support player huhi is reportedly joining NRG for the upcoming 2024 season, as he will be taking the vacant spot left by IgNar.

huhi joins NRG

Photo Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

NRG huhi – reuniting with FBI

The Korean player has reportedly reached a verbal agreement with NRG in the LCS, according to a report from Sheep Esports, and will reunite with former teammate FBI. The LCS organization has recently transferred the 2023 support IgNar to Excel Esports, as he will be returning to the European League for the first time since 2019.

The support change comes as a surprise given NRG’s great performance since their debut in the LCS Summer Split. Not only did the team win the LCS Championship but it was also the only Western organization to qualify for the Knockout stage at Worlds this year.

The report also indicated that the NRG has explored the possibility of selling other players on the market and that it considered roster changes due to the high expenses associated with it. While this scenario appears unlikely now, top laner Dhokla and bot laner FBI have their contract ending in November, which means they might be contacted by other teams when they become free agents.

If they stay with the organization, though, the lineup would look like this going into 2024:

  • Top Lane: Dhokla (contract ending November 2023)
  • Jungle: Contractz (contract ending November 2024)
  • Mid Lane: Palafox (contract ending November 2024)
  • Bot Lane: FBI (contract ending November 2023)
  • Support: huhi
  • Head Coach: Thinkcard

Huhi will be joining NRG after a strong year with Golden Guardians, having participated both at MSI and at the Worlds Qualifying Series.

If you want to know how the rest of the rosters are shaping up in North America, check out our LCS free agency and roster shuffle page with all the latest moves and rumors.

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