Jiizuke is Italy’s big hope at the League of Legends All-Stars event

The big LoL event starts on December 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada – that much League-fans probably already know. Most of the players that will be participating in the event had already been confirmed – the last four that were chosen by invitation have now also been announced.

The invitees are Invictus Gaming’s Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning, Kingzone DragonX’ Han “Peanut” Wang-ho and Team Vitality’s Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro. Overall, there will be 32 pro players and 32 streamers and other content creators. While in previous years, fans voted for five players to make a team, this year it’s a little different.


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The League’s 14 regions vote for two players, while Riot Games chooses the remaining four. Of the four invitees, Jiizuke in particular has been making waves. Affectionately called the ‘Italian Stallion’, he was one of the sensations from the EU LCS.

He’s a great aggressive player and really led the charge for Team Vitality. The team made it to Worlds as part of Europe’s second seed (placed in the so-called ‘group of death’, the team really defied expectactions) and absolutely dominated Korea’s Gen.G. That’s pretty impressive, as was the fact that they managed to get a game from Royal Never Give Up, the tournament favourite. Ultimately they finished in a spectacular third place after America’s Cloud9 – all of that, in no small part because of Jiizuke and his outplays.

At Worlds, Vitality often had less than perfect starts to their game but would then go on to absolutely dominate a little later on. Jiizuke himself would be the one to lead the attack. The Italian Stallion isn’t just a great offensive player though, he has several other achievements under his belt as well.


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He is the first Italian player to have ever participated in the EU LCS – that’s no small achievement! Active since late 2015, he originally started out with True eSport before quickly moving to Team Forge. In 2017 he switched to Giants Gaming and then in December last year, he joined up with Team Vitality as a midlaner.

His specialities include Sion, Katarina, Ryze and Ekko (especially the latter two). Now, Jiizuke is going to get a chance to prove his skill at the Vegas event this December, along with skilled players from all over the world. The tournament itself lasts from the 6th until the 8th of December and features multiple different competitions, including 1v1 tournaments, charity-focused 2v2 tournaments and more.

If you’re hoping to attend the event in person and cheer on Jiizuke (or one of the other players!) you hopefully bought a ticket already because they sold out in just a few days after being made available. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab a ticket, be sure to check out the live-streams of the event instead – at an All-star event, we are bound to see some truly spectacular plays from our favourite pros, streamers and content creators!