Junglers to receive Smite by default in Champion selection

A discussion was posted on the official League of Legends gameplay board, suggesting to people who queue up for Rank/Draft Pick to automatically receive Smite in Champion selection when allocating the jungler role. Maple Nectar, a Rioter that works as a “game producer”, comments that this change will be rolling out in the next patch. While Maple Nectar was not completely direct about the change, other Rioters have commented on Reddit, confirming that this “quality of life change” will be taking place.


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What does this mean?

People who receive the jungle role in Champion selection will automatically receive Smite. Smite will replace the traditional secondary summoner spell, meaning all other summoner spells besides Flash. This is an important inclusion, as replacing flash in some cases may be a lot worse. While the change will give Flash on default to junglers, Smite can still be swapped out in Champion selection. This allows for role swaps to still occur, with the change simply serving the purpose to help those who forget to bring Smite when jungling.

Why did it take so long for the change?

No real reason, considering that implementing such a minor change is a relatively small task. Having said so, it is likely that Riot has decided to push even slight changes outside of balance gameplay. This change is certainly not game breaking and will only save a handful of matches, that said, it’s the small things that count.

Will Smite replace D or F?

The change has brought an age-old question, does Flash belong on D or F? And where should Smite appear? Obviously, for the intellectuals, Smite will go on F. “Why?” you may ask. Flash goes on D for multiple reasons, as D stands for: Dash, Dipping out, Distance, Dodge.