Kayle rework – LoL Champion rundown

After years of being stagnant on the Rift, Riot has reworked Kayle while keeping some of her key features.

  • Passive: Kayle will gain certain buffs as she reaches key level milestones.
  • Level 1: Basic attacks grants stacks which will provide Kayle bonus attack speed. At max stacks, Kayle becomes Exalted. Once Exalted, she will have bonus movement speed towards enemies.
  • Level 6: When Exalted, Kayle’s auto attacks launches flame waves which deal damage behind her primary target (effect like Titanic Hydra).
  • Level 11: Kayle’s basic attacks are permanently ranged.
  • Level 16: Kayle becomes permanently Exalted, with flame waves dealing bonus true damage.

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Q: Launches a line of damage after a short delay, dealing damage to all enemies. Enemies hit with the initial Q will splash damage nearby. This ability is great in team fights as it deals damage to multiple targets as apposed to Kayle’s old Q which forces her to lose damage being a single target ability.

W: Heals herself and an allied champion, also granting both a fair burst of movement speed for a short duration. Good buff, as it now applies the heal and movement to herself and an ally, allowing for better gank potential.

E: Passive, Kayle gains bonus damage based on her ability power and attack damage. Active, grants Kayle an empowered ranged basic attack that deals missing percentage health damage. Once level 6, Kayle’s empowered auto will splash damage nearby. This will be a very strong source of damage as a finishing ability.

R: Grants herself or an allied champion a shield for a few seconds, making them completely invulnerable to all damage sources. After a short delay, swords will fall around the champion whom Kayle ulted, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Riot added a high damage component into Kayle’s ult, making her ability to team fight even stronger.

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