Kingzone Dragonx vs Afreeca Freecs – LCK Regional Finals Match prediction

Backgroud – LCK Regional Finals

The LCK 2019 Regional Finals consists of the top 4 team from the LCK based off championship points in the regular Spring and Summer season, minus the teams who had already qualified for worlds. The victor of the regional finals will gain the qualification to attend the 2019 League of Legends World Championship through its play-in stage.

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There are three rounds in total; Round 1, Round 2 and the Finals. The team’s rank will determine their starting stage in either of the 3 rounds. Kingzone and Afreeca Freecs will participate in the first round, Sandbox Gaming starting in the second (as the 2nd ranked team), and Damwon Gaming directly in the finals (as the 1st ranked team).

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Kingzone Dragonx vs Afreeca – Prediction

Kingzone’s record against Afreeca has been inconsistent this year, 2-0 in the Spring regular season, and 0-2 in the Summer regular season. This has mostly been due to Kingzone’s overall decline, dropping from 3rd to 7th place from the Spring to Summer season. Kingzone had struggled nearing the ends of the 2019 LCK Summer regular season, losing six out of seven games. Afreeca on the other hand, while not the most consistent, have demonstrated their ability to take down top competition like Griffin and Damwon Gaming.

Considering Kingzone’s fall with no signs of immediate recovery, the game is favoured towards Afreeca Freecs. While some may accredit Kingzone’s fall from fame due to Pawn’s break to recover, both mentally and for his heath, Kingzone had still faired well in the Rift Rivals 2019 and early half of the LCK Summer split.

Prediction: Kingzone Dragon X 38% | Afreeca Freecs 62% chance of winning