KSV eSports purchases Samsung Galaxy

With the recent acquisition of the Samsung Galaxy League of Legends team by KSV eSports, many are left to wonder what that means for the 2017 World Champions heading into the new year.

Turning A New Leaf

With Silicon Valley giants KSV recently acquiring talent in Korea across multiple esport genres, it was only a matter of time before they would get involved with League of Legends. KSV CEO Kevin Chou hinted that the acquisition of Samsung Galaxy had to do with the strength he witnessed in terms of team infrastructure and chemistry amongst staff and players. This power move abroad is one of many that involves KSV extending their reach in Korean and Chinese markets as they are constantly expanding the horizons of their reach.

ksv esports acquisition of samsung galaxy league of legends team

What does that mean for the recently crowned World Champions though? Time will tell.

For the time being, the only thing we can almost certainly guarantee from this acquisition will be a rebrand of some sort as Samsung has no hold over the team at this point. It’s still too early to gauge whether or not Kevin Chou will resort this change to the team itself or if it will be a company wide move that involves all branches to be on the same page.

One thing the CEO guaranteed going forward was that it was still business as usual for the team itself in Korea. The philosophy to keep the ship steady and not interfere with an already optimal system is a smart one for any businessman.

It seems like this acquisition will only bolster the success of Samsung as the only feasible changes will be a larger budget that will enable more success for players and staff alike.


Photo Credits: LoL Esports