LCK 2023 Spring Playoffs – Schedule, Bracket, teams and more

With the LCK Spring regular split ending, here is everything you need to know ahead of the playoffs that will decide which teams go to MSI.

lck spring playoffs 2023

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LCK 2023 Spring Playoffs – Teams and Schedule

Below are the six teams that have qualified for the Spring Playoffs (ordered by seeding):

  • #1 – T1
  • #2 – Gen.G
  • #3 – KT Rolster
  • #4 – Dplus KIA
  • #5 – Hanwha Life Esports
  • #6 – Liiv SANDBOX

It was a rather top-heavy LCK split, with the top six gapping heavily the remaining teams. Our expectations from the LCK Power Rankings were more or less correct, with DRX being the only one missing the top 6. In their stead, LSB have made it once again to playoffs, after a great Summer Split in 2022.

lck 2023 spring playoffs

Image Credits | LCK

Based on what we saw in the regular split, there are likely two main takeaways. The first is that T1 are the clear favorites to win the title. The second is that after them, there is a great 3-way (or 4-way, depending on how HLE performs) fight for the second spot. Gen.G, DK, KT and HLE have all the potential to beat one another, and it will be interesting to see whether LSB can make upsets happen in Bo5s.

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The playoff bracket

Below you can find the entire schedule of the LCK Spring Playoffs, which starts on Mar. 22nd. This year the LCK have introduced a double-elimination bracket, which means that the four teams that qualify for Round 2 will have a second chance to continue fighting in case they lose.

  • Wednesday, Mar. 22nd – Round 1 series (1st match)
  • Thursday, Mar. 23rd – Round 1 series (2nd match)
  • Saturday, Mar. 25th – Round 2 series (1st match)
  • Sunday, Mar. 26th – Round 2 series (2nd match)
  • Saturday, Apr. 1st – Round 3 series (1st match)
  • Sunday, Apr. 2nd – Round 3 series (2nd match)
  • Saturday, Apr. 8th – Lower bracket final
  • Sunday, Apr. 9th – Grand final

The first two seeds, T1 and Gen.G, have already qualified for Round 2. This means that they are already part of the double-elimination bracket. #3 KT Rolster will decide which team between #5 and #6 to face in Round 1, with DK having to fight the remaining team.

Considering the teams’ potential and performance, it’s likely that KT picks LSB as they are seen as the weaker team from the top six. If it were to be the case, then DK would face HLE.

Whoever wins in the series involving KT will then go against T1 in Round 2, while the other winner of the Round 1 will face Gen.G.

Where to watch the LCK playoffs

As usual, you can follow all the 2023 LCK Spring Split playoffs action via LCK’s channels on Twitch and YouTube. Considering the level of play seen by T1 and the other top LCK teams, as well as the exceptional English commentary, these are likely going to be the most exciting playoffs we’ve seen in a while.

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