LCK Week 7, Days 1/2/3 – Which teams will enter playoffs?

Day 1

SK Telecom T1 vs. Kingzone DragonX

It’s nearing the end of the spring split and SKT have yet to return back to their former glory. While they remain one of the stronger teams in the LCK and have a decent chance of taking entering playoffs. Even then, it is likely they’ll start at the bottom of playoffs. Kingzone on the other hand has been extremely strong throughout the split, currently topping the leaderboards. KZ will likely overwhelm SKT, however, the three-time world champions do have some hope.

Predictions: SKT 36% | KZ 64%

Is this the fall of SKT, will Kingzone take the top spot?

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Rox Tigers vs. MVP

While the two teams may have seemed equal in the earlier parts of the tournament, ROX are seriously improving. They were able to take out kt Rolster last week, pushing them down to second place in a stunning 2-0 win. While MVP on the other hand has shown their superiority to other low to mid tier teams, they had earlier lost 0-2 against ROX in week 5. ROX should take downs MVP without too much trouble.

Predictions: ROX 82% | MVP 18%

Day 2

Jin Air GreenWings vs. KONGDOO MONSTER

Both these teams lurk near the bottom of the current ladder. While KONGDOO are currently 2-10 having no hope of entering playoffs, it is technically still possible for Jin Air to stage a comeback and scrape the final spot for the LCK Spring Playoffs. Jin Air is a veteran in the LCK scene while KONGDOO only managed to qualify and enter the 2018 LCK last year. JAG may be favoured here, but their inconsistencies make it hard to foresee who will win.

Predictions: JAG 64% | KDM 36%

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While bbq are one of the weaker and more inconsistent teams in the tournament, their achievement taking down Kingzone is shocking. Some may argue they only defeated KZ 2-1 with a streak of luck, but it is not always so simple. Many teams have fallen to Kingzone 2-0 throughout the split, not even taking a single game, let alone taking the match win. While KSV were heavily hyped in earlier weeks, they have stalled and settled in as a mid tier team, falling to the best like kt while defeating MVP.

Predictions: bbq 43% | KSV 57%

Day 3

SK Telecom T1 vs. kt Rolster

These two teams have been arch rivals throughout the many years in the LCK with wins constantly being traded between the two. This split, kt has emerged much stronger compared to SKT who has seriously dropped in performance. While former SKT top laner, Huni, revealed he believes SKT will come back, it’s too late now. Kt has established a strong lead against SKT, even defeating them earlier on in week 2. That said, SKT’s week 2 loss went the full three games, it’s likely we will see this extend again the coming match.

Prediction: SKT 39% | KT 61%

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Afreeca Freecs vs. ROX Tigers

Afreeca has been surprisingly strong this split, improving heavily as a team. The team is on track to finish third in the LCK, the highest position they’ll have ever placed in for the LCK. While Afreeca are favoured this coming match, ROX too is a strong team, with only a single match separating the two. This will be a close one that will likely to decide who enters playoffs, and at the very least, which stage the team will start in.

Prediction: Afreeca 54% | ROX 46%


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