LCK Week 10: the matches not to be missed on days 3 and 4

Day 3

Gen.G vs SANDBOX Gaming

Coming out of week 9, Gen.G remain inconsistent, coin flipping a large proportion of their latest wins. While they had defeated Griffin in week 8, it is obvious they fall behind top teams like Kingzone, and sometimes struggle against lower to mid tier teams like Afreeca Freecs. This match should go to SANDBOX if they manage to control the early game and play to a high standard as they have done all split.

Prediction: Gen.G 30% l SANDBOX Gaming 70%



SK Telecom T1 vs Afreeca Freecs

Yet another one sided match in Day 3, SK Telecom T1 will likely take down the Afreeca Freecs with ease.  Following SKT’s most likely win in Day 1, this will propel the former world champions as one of Korea’s top two teams going into the Spring Playoffs.

Prediction: SK Telecom T1 74% l Afreeca Freecs 26%

Day 4

Jin Air GreenWings vs Griffin

Jin Air GreenWings have had a very rough split this year, only managing to secure their first win in Week 7. In contrast, Griffin remain the LCK’s top team, now 14-2 on the ladder. While Griffin stumbled seriously in Week 8, losing their perfect run with back to back losses to Gen.G and Afreeca, they have recovered with another two decisive wins the following week.

Prediction: Jin Air GreenWings 12% l Griffin 88%



Damwon Gaming vs KT Rolster

Damwon are a very constant team, proving their ability to dominate over opposing mid-tier teams without much contest. KT Rolster on the other hand look much weaker, struggling against a majority of teams, resulting them to be placed around the lower to mid-tier teams in the league following a string of recent losses.

Prediction: Damwon Gaming 65% l KT Rolster 35%