LCS 2024 Jungle Power Rankings – what do we expect in 2024?

With the LCS starting on January 20, here are our jungle player rankings for the new 2024 competitive season.

LCS jungle rankings

Photo Credit: Robert Paul/Riot Games

LCS Jungle Power Rankings – 2024 Spring Split

5. UmTi

UmTi left the LCK to join Team Liquid, replacing Pyosik in the jungle position. Compared to his predecessor, UmTi’s early-game-oriented playstyle might benefit the team a lot more as he can become an enabler for his carries.

I have some doubts regarding the player’s ability to play less traditional champions, but he should have a known lower “floor”, which makes him a solid choice for the squad. If he’s able to take it up a notch and show us more surprising picks, then UmTi is expected to move up the ranks.

4. Contractz

Contractz was the great surprise of the 2023 season. Even though he wasn’t the flashiest player, the NRG jungler always found himself at the right place and at the right time to make the plays happen. He doesn’t have the highest carry potential as a jungle player, but he’s one of the best talents in the LCS, and we should expect him to deliver strong performances on the roster, especially if champions like bruisers continue to be relevant in the meta.

3. River

River found himself teamless following Golden Guardians’ exit from the league, but the results and level of play shown allowed him to be picked up by 100 Thieves in one week. The Korean jungler was one of the main reasons why GG were able to reach such high highs over the course of the 2023 season, and going into the new year, I’m expecting River to be a front-runner in the role.

An all-rounded player with situational peaks is the best way I would describe River. He rarely messes up, making him one of the most consistent junglers in the LCS. And on top of that, he has shown a more diverse champion pool compared to others on this list. While 100 Thieves don’t look front-runners with their new roster, River is the type of player to take a squad up a notch.

2. Inspired

Speaking of players that can elevate rosters, Inspired is finally back. After taking a break during the summer split, the Polish jungler is coming back in what might be one of the best metas he could ever want.

Inspired is the kind of player that can take resources and take over the game, and there are quite a few champions out there who can do it in the new season. Specifically, the AP junglers have been on the rise and this will give him more choices (watch out for Fiddlesticks and Lillia). He might be a bit rusty from the break, but he’s the one with the highest potential on this list.

1. Blaber

While Inspired is the one with the highest potential, Blaber is still the king of the jungle in the LCS. The domestic talent has been leading the charge for quite a few years already, and he doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

He has always been super confident on bruiser champions like Xin Zhao and Lee Sin so there are little doubts about his level of play. The early-game presence and fast tempo to create leads on the map are his bread and butter. If, by any chance, Blaber looks shaky, it will likely be the entire team that underperforms, and not just himself.

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