LCS 2024 Support Power Rankings – the most competitive role?

Here are the power rankings for the support role heading into the 2024 LCS spring split: can you guess which five players made the list?

LCS support rankings

Photo Credit: Robert Paul/Riot Games

LCS Support Power Rankings – 2024 Spring Split

5. Olleh

Olleh is coming back to the LCS after finishing his mandatory military service, joining IMT for the 2024 season. While the roster itself doesn’t look that exciting, I feel like the combination of Olleh and Tactical in the bottom lane can surprise us in the split.

While they aren’t necessarily the most lane-dominant players, I feel like Olleh has strong macro which can matter a lot more this season. Knowing when to make the right roams and objective control can make a huge difference. We’ll have to see whether I’m correct or not on this, but for now, Olleh is in my top five.

4. Busio

Busio comes after a weird season on 100 Thieves, where he had some strong moments coupled with some worse ones. The team eventually didn’t click as it should but with the return of enchanter supports, I feel like he can shine more, especially with the new rookie ADC Massu. If their synergy works well, we might be witnessing the rise of a new full domestic bot lane.

That said, there is still a significant gap to the top supports and Busio must show improvements over the course of the season to be considered a top-tier player.


I was quite surprised to see Zven leave the C9 roster but Vulcan was probably the best replacement the team could get their hands on. The Canadian support has been among the top-rated supports in the league in the past years, and despite Evil Geniuses’ debacle last season, he was still showing up in the right moments.

Together with Berserker, the C9 bot lane aims to dominate the competition, given Vulcan’s tendency to make proactive plays. I’m excited to see whether he can further elevate C9’s potential and do better than what Zven has done so far.

2. huhi

Huhi is yet another proof that age doesn’t really matter in esports, and that is mainly just a misconception. The 28-year-old Korean player is still kicking the competition left and right and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, and rightfully earned his place on the NRG lineup after last year’s strong performance on Golden Guardians.

He joins a team that aims to win the title, which will inevitably bring more pressure and expectations, but huhi has everything to make it work. It won’t be an easy feat, though, and he will have to maintain the same level of consistency he had last season.

1. CoreJJ

Even though TL didn’t look great last season, I still think CoreJJ is the best support player in the LCS. Just like Olleh, I feel like he has the highest chance of proving his worth whenever the meta is about roaming and making plays on the map. He used to do that often back when TL dominated the league, and as long as Yeon holds himself in the bottom lane, CoreJJ can make some magic happen.

The top three are quite close for me and they all have the potential to be fighting for the No. 1 spot, but if I were to put one above the other three, it would probably be this guy.

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