5 League Champions to carry in low elo

It’s always a tough job to hard carry your team to victory, but these 5 League champions (one for each role) should make life easier for you.

Play these League champions to carry games in low elo

Darius – The Best Top Lane Bully

Image Credits | Riot Games

Darius is the best top lane champion when it comes to winning the lane. There is almost no champion that can beat him one on one early on thanks to his passive and his spells are fairly easy to hit. Players in low elo have difficulties in their positioning, making your champion a perfect pick to kill people with Noxian Guillotine (R) and get multiple resets in the fights.

Master Yi – Ultimate Dueling Carry

Many people should know this already but Master Yi is truly the champion to carry games in low elo. He has an easy and healthy clear which gives a lot of room to mistakes and scales super well into the later stages of the game. As long as the enemies don’t have an infinite amount of crowd control to shut you down, you will be able to go in and destroy the enemies alone.

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Katarina – The 1v9 Teamfight Carry

Image Credits | Riot Games

Katarina is quite similar to Master Yi in its ability to carry teamfights, but she can do it even more quickly than him. In the blink of an eye, she can blow an entire team if you’re fast enough at pressing the right keys in the right order. Since most people tend to group up often in low elo, she is the perfect champion to quickly get in the enemy back line and get constant resets to burst down everyone.

Miss Fortune – Burst Damage Carry

Being an ADC in low elo is quite troublesome because most champions in other roles will end up snowballing and getting way ahead of you. If you’re fighting in close combat or without proper peeling, you will likely end up dying. For this reason, Miss Fortune is a great pick because she can deal an absurd amount of damage from afar, without getting touched. If you manage to find the right angles to cast a good Bullet Time (R), you will shred through the enemies’ health bars.

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Pyke – Roaming Carry


Image Credits | Riot Games

This is more of a tricky one because it requires strong proactivity that not all players have in low elo. However, as long as you keep doing it during the game, you will always end up with a gold lead over the opponents. Pyke can quickly roam across the whole map and become a real nightmare for the enemy solo laners.

At lower ranks, players will almost never respect or expect roams from the support so the chances of killing them are going to be much higher. Get good gold leads to snowball the Pyke and take over the mid-game teamfights with the resets from the ultimate Death from Below.