League of Legends: Collect 3 free skins – Ends August 1

You can collect Dreadnight Garen, Unchained Alistair and Riot Girl Tristana for free until the 1st of August.

The free social promotion will be ended by Riot on the first of next month after being in circulation for many years, originally in put in place as an effort to boost Riot’s social media followings / platforms. Originally, to obtain these skins, players must have had liked, followed or subscribed to Riot Games’s official YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, now, players can get these three skins by simply sending a support ticket.

Garen free skin

Riot argued that these “social promotion skins” would not be given anymore simply due to the lack of need. They stated that since the hextech crafting system is now able to give free skins to players, there is not a need for “social promotion skins”. In addition, Riot mentions that the skins made back then were inferior in “RP art”.

tristana free skins

Steps to claim the free skins

1) Go to the Riot Games support site

2) Log in, keeping in mind region, which can be adjusted just below

3) Click submit a ticket

4) Select “Free Limited Time Promotion Skins: Tristana/Alistair/Garen

5) Check the boxes (which skin / skins you want)