League of Legends VS 2018 event starts this week

Riot has announced a brand-new event that is scheduled to start on June 27 at 5 PM CET. It goes by the name of VS 2018 and it will last for two weeks, until July 11 at 9 AM CET. This leaves players with a generous window of opportunity to participate and get their hands on generous loot. Anyone can join the party and unlock VS Tokens by completing various missions, but also through the acquisition of chests, bundles and orbs. Once in possession of these tokens, you can use them to craft unique items.

Spend tokens on legendary skins and icons

Those who play Garen and Darius can consider themselves lucky because two legendary skins are coming their way. God King Garen and Darius are the two skins up for grabs that are guaranteed to make them easy to distinguish on the battlefield. There is also a loading screen border to unlock and two amazing Lion and Wolf banners and wards. If League of Legends players needed an impetus to place more wards during the match, these cool looking items will provide the perfect incentive.

League of Legends VS 2018 Event Starts This Week

150 VS Tokens are enough to unlock a bundle that includes the aforesaid screen border for any of the two characters. Lion and Wolf Orbs will only set you back 80 tokens, while half the amount is needed to acquire the Divine Lion Icon or the Forsaken Wolf Icon. LoL players also have the option of spending the tokens to unlock random Champion shards instead of using Blue Essence. On the off chance that players want to trade the tokens directly for key fragments they can do it at a ratio of 15 VS Tokens per fragment.

Dozens of missions and hundreds of tokens

Two weeks appears like a long time for any League of Legends campaign, but players will have their hands full with the VS 2018 Event. That’s because there are dozens of missions to complete and each of them will unlock a different amount of tokens. Players are expected to deal a certain amount of damage, heal a predetermined number of champions, place wards, heal neutral monsters and many more. Each challenge is unique in its own right, so there’s no risk of getting stuck with repeatable quests.

riven vs yasuo

The smallest rewards consist of 5 VS Tokens, while the most generous ones go as high as 20 tokens. There are alternative ways of earning them, such as through direct purchase of Riot Points. Wolf and Lion Orbs will randomly drop of bag that contains five skin shards. These belong to the champions from the same faction, so perseverance is rewarded and players can greatly enhance their skin collection.

The first decision is between God-King Garen or God-King Darius when logging in. Once players choose a side, they will unlock the corresponding missions and this decision is final. Those who participate and successfully complete at least one mission will receive the VS 2018 victor icon and 1000 Blue Essence. Winners will be determined based on how many people participate in this promotion and the side they choose. It all comes down to how many missions were completed for God-King Garen and Darius’s side.

Image Credits: Riot Games