LEC 2024 ADC Power Rankings – Ranking the 5 best players

ADCs have been vital to the team’s success in recent times: here are our ADC player rankings ahead of the LEC 2024 Winter Split.

LEC ADC player rankings

Photo Credit: Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games

LEC ADC Power Rankings – 2024 Winter Split

5. Carzzy

Carzzy for me has had ups and downs during the season. There were moments where he looked great and a big contributing factor to MAD’s success while in others where he looked a bit off. I don’t question that he will be playing well and that Vitality can be a strong team but I feel like Carzzy is a bit more volatile than others on this list. He’s a solid player but he doesn’t stand out to me as much. I would be glad to be proven wrong as the guy has been a consistent presence in the LEC.

4. Patrik/Upset

Making the ADC tier list for the LEC was probably the toughest, given the amount of players I rate quite highly. And for that reason, I decided to put these two in the same position.

I would say that the one with the highest ceiling is the Upset, but he’s also the one who comes from a terrible split on Vitality. The change of environment should help him out, as I think he and Targamas are going to be KC’s carries in 2024.

Patrik has had decent splits and it still baffles me how he never had his chance on a top team. While he might not Upset’s peak carry potential, Patrik is the type of solid presence you need in a team.

3. Flakked

Flakked impressed me towards the end of last year when he jumped on TH’s starting roster for the summer split. Even though he had more experience than Jackspektra given his stint on G2, coming back from the ERL and immediately delivering strong performances was no easy feat.

Yet, he was able to make it, showcasing not only that carry potential we keep mentioning but also greater flexibility compared to other ADCs. This is one of his greatest strengths and I’m excited to see what he can pull out in the new season. And given TH’s line-up, I expect him to be the key man for the 2024 season.

2. Noah

Noah was a heavy contributor to FNC’s resurgence towards the end of last year. Similar to Flakked, the Korean player was crucial in many of the teamfights, piloting late-game carries with exceptional positioning. Even when the team wasn’t in a position to win, he would often dish out the maximum damage.

Even though the guy is not among the best in terms of individual stats, the guy rarely dies and has one of the most solid laning phases. He rarely gets punished, allowing him to scale up at a consistent pace and become relevant once the mid-game comes around. In the past seasons of LoL, a solid ADC that ensures the team a late-game win condition is a must. Considering this is not bound to change, I have high expectations for Noah and the full Korean bot lane in 2024.

1. Hans Sama

Most people probably saw this coming. Hans Sama was the best ADC in the LEC for almost the entire year, period. Even though others might have peaked at certain moments better than him, his floor has always been a tier higher than everyone else. Statistically, he has been at or near the top in every single department, according to Games of Legends.

While having teammates like the ones on G2 definitely has helped him maintain his numbers, the opposite also works for his other teammates. Let me tell you something insane: throughout the entire 2023, Hans Sama has had negative win rates for three of the 18 champions he played, with an incredible 81.8% win rate on his pocket pick Draven. How many players are there in competitive LoL that force teams to ban his pick? It’s just a couple. And Hans Sama is among them.

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