LEC Final Regionals spot up for grabs and a Juggernaut fiesta

The “Juggernaut” and the LEC final regionals contender will be decided during the next two days, as we are down to the last week played at the Berlin Studio until the LEC Regionals. Next week three out of the four remaining teams will be heading down to Athens and the Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall.

Recap of the LEC Group Stage

Last week we witnessed Rogue absolutely dismantle Splyce in Round 1 of the LEC Playoffs to the surprise of every analyst and coach in the league. While everyone is aware Splyce takes games slow and are favorites to win if the games go late, nobody thought that it would be Rogue owning the early game three times in a row with and win before the 30minute mark in all 3 games.

LEC Final Regionals

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With Rogue set to advance it the bracket, it was down to Vitality to beat Schalke 04 and secure themselves Regionals by kicking Splyce out of contention. But Vitality did the complete opposite and played the worst playoffs series EU has ever witnessed. In what was a complete fiesta for 4 games in a row, neither S04 nor Vitality looked like a solid team with games devolving into ARAM brawls and mistakes all around. In the end Schalke04 took down Vitality 3-1 and kicked them out of Worlds 2019 contention.

Last week resulted in G2/FNC/OG/Splyce all securing Regionals, pending which team wins Summer for the AQ (Auto Qualify). The last spot will be determined tonight between Rogue and Schalke04 where the winner automatically skips the first round of Regionals which is now set to be Splyce vs Origen.

LEC final regionals predictions

After last week, Rogue might seem as better team going into tonight’s matchup. Even though Splyce and Schalke are arguably better teams then RGE, the rookie squad seems to grow exponentially week-on-week whilst the other teams remain at the same level. After last week’s fiesta between Schalke and Vitality, I am not that confident that Schalke is able to beat Rogue cleanly. But unlike Splyce, S04 has a stronger early game and might hamper Rogues new style early on and then beat them on experience and veteranship. Whatever the outcome, one of these two teams advances to Regionals and will be one series away from making it into Worlds 2019.

The second matchup this week is what EU and the entire global League of Legends audience is waiting for. Fnatic meets G2 for the 6th time this season with the Playoffs final at stake. An entire Euphoria podcast went down between the coaches weighing in on the state of global League of Legends and the importance of this matchup. With EU having high hopes of winning Worlds on home soil this year, this matchup will be an important mental boost for the winner going into Finals. G2 are the absolute favorites coming into Saturday as they have been the entire year, but if there is one team in Europe that can challenge them that would only be Fnatic. We can only hope we have a 5 games series this weekend and another one next weekend as well, in order to round out the 2019 LEC Season in style.

In other somewhat EU related news

There might have a special treat for those of you that remember the “Flash , Bear, Slap” between Gambit and UOL back in the 2015 EU Spring Quarterfinals. Rormer EU LCS participants Unicorns of Love and Gambit are now up at the LCL 2019 Summer Playoffs. They are both on the opposing side of the bracket and are likely to meet in the Playoffs Final that determines the LCL Worlds participant. This means we might see Sheepy and UoL at Worlds 2019 if things go down the pink way, or we will see Gambit enter the Worlds stage for the third time.

What is certain is that this is probably going to be the top3 most entertaining League of Legends weekend for European fans to date.

Tune in to all the LEC action at https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames, or watch the LEC Final Regionals below. Starting Friday 17:30 CET.

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