LEC Summer Week 2: Powerhouse Clash

Week 1 of the LEC did not go quite as anticipated. Out of 10 predictions we made, only 5 came out right on the money and all of them on opening day of the split. Day 2 consisted of some long-shot predictions in OG beating G2 and Misfits beating Fnatic which came out wrong, but the real surprise came out of SK Gaming, Rogue and Splyce who managed to dominate their opponents.

Our Week 2 Preview will feature some on the predictions and two crucial matchups that might come back to haunt the teams later in the split.


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Day 1 features a classic matchup and everyone got their hype on. Fnatic meets Origen in the first repeat matchup after the Spring semis. We already know it has been a painful offseason for both teams since G2 took every trophy available and cemented themselves as Kings of Europe.

The two closest teams to G2’s form in Spring were both FNC and OG, and both were busy in the aftermath coming up with excuses about what went wrong in Spring. With Summer creeping in both teams are looking to get to Worlds and build a bid for the championship. With both teams knowing this is a crucial match that might determine things later down the split, it is all hands on deck for this one.

There is two ways this match might develop. A repeat Sona/Taric match from the side of Origen to finally put a nail in the coffin in the FNC/OG SonaTaric debate or scenario two would be a Xayah/Rakan for FNC’s bottom lane forcing the Origen team to go for a more aggressive early game pick and create a clown fiesta game with frags flying left right and center. Either works for me.

Day 2 has Vitality match up against champions G2. The importance of this match cannot be understated for the side of Vitality. They had a horrible Week 1 going 0-2 at the hands of Origen and Splyce. They have an “easy” matchup versus Rogue first, but a loss versus G2 would put them at 1W3L at best or 0W4L at worst. Either way Vitality’s playoff chances might die in Week 2 of the LEC. Something that seemed impossible to conceive just a week ago.

Meanwhile, LEC production is leveling up hard this split with higher quality content than ever. The way they “Newsflash” the previous and upcoming week might put us out of work soon.

In closing, the matchups of Week 2 and predicted winners are once more put forward. Let us hope for more than a 50% accuracy this week.


The LEC action kicks off today at 18:00 CEST at Watch.lolesports.com

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