LEC Week 9: The road ends here

“The Spring Split of the LEC is about to  conclude and we are no closer to knowing who goes to playoffs still.

In less than 24 hours the battle for the final two spots in the playoffs will commence. After last week’s charades on the Rift, we have four teams with their playoff spot confirmed and four more still hoping. In terms of seeding, only G2 have finally secured their first spot with a 13W3L score line, and are beyond the reach of everyone else.

The “winners” of last week are OG, Splyce and Vitality who secured their playoff spots and are all tied with 10-6 in the standings. This week among other things will decide how will this teams place in the final order of things.


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The absolute loser of last week was Misfits who had a dreadful 0-2 week and are now looking at tiebreaker scenarios or a miracle for them to get to playoffs contention. We praised the MSF superteam at the start of the split by being a top contender in the LEC and they did not prove us wrong for the first few weeks, but everything beyond that point was a road downhill. Questionable calls by jungler Maxlore and a drop in performance by veteran SoaZ have spelled trouble for the squad. On top of all of these things going wrong they are meeting G2 and Splyce this week and even with a miraculous 2-0 week, they still need other teams to do work for them in order to qualify.

One of the teams spelling Misfit’s demise last week was former champions FNC. The Fnatic squad is now facing an identical week as MSF, matching up against both Splyce and G2 in their last two games. What FNC has though is the comfort of 2 wins extra over their competition and even with a 0-2 week there is still a good chance they will advance into the playoffs.

Next up in the wannabe playoff teams we have SK Gaming and Schalke04. Both teams have solid chances of qualifying to the playoff and both have an easy-hard week ahead of them. On day one SK gets the easier opponent in Rogue while Schalke04 battles Origen. And on day two SK gets the challenging game versus Vitality while Schalke04 meets Rogue.

In the end we might end up with a plethora of tiebreaker scenarios either for seeding or for playoffs contention. The guys at LEC esports central hub prepared a nice graphic with the odds out of all 1024 tiebreaker scenarios.


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I predict G2, Origen, Vitality, Splyce, Fnatic and Schalke04 in that specific order going to playoffs with Origen and Vitality playing a tiebreaker for 2nd and.

For those seeking to bet, Origen and Vitality have the best odds of going 2-0 and are a “safe” bet.
See you in playoffs.

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