LEC’s final weekend in Rotterdam

The final weekend of the LEC is shaping up to be the best one to date in European League history. We shall witness a repeat of the 2015 LCS Summer Finals between Fnatic and Origen, followed by either a repeat of the semifinal matchup between G2 and OG, or the traditional Fnatic vs G2 LEC Final.


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There is so much history between these three teams as they clash for the European title in Rotterdam.


The Fnatic squad has had a dream run ever since Week 6 happened way back in February. They have won the last 14 out of 15 games and are determined to go all the way to defending their title. The last two best-of-three series seemed like a walk in the park, as both Vitality and Splyce offered no resistance to the Fnatic squad on their way to Rotterdam.

Looking forward to their match versus Origen on Saturday, the FNC squad does not have to stray too far from what G2 showed already effective. The Origen squad has amazing macro play and they play the game by the book too much to their own detriment. Both G2 and FNC have the capacity to throw a curve ball and flip the game on its head, something that the Origen squad has a tough time adapting to. The more radical the play the better for FNC and they got their Saturday matchup beat. The bans in the recent Origen series did not change in all three games, but if Origen is not in the habit of banning Karthus like G2 is, expect Broxah to go Karthus in at least 1 game and carry the game through the Karthus pick.


Origen had a tough time last week against G2. To the casual observer it seems Game 1 completely drained OG’s capacity to compete on the Rift, as Games 2 and 3 were lost from the get go. Stylistically Origen showed they can fiddle around with the composition to achieve a winning pick, but when it came to execution the raw talent of G2 in each lane matchup showed us the weakness in Origen’s game plan.

Although on a macro level Origen is a great team individual execution on specific champions is lacking giving an avenue for opponents to exploit. In terms of Saturday’s match, Origen needs to keep to what worked during the entire split. Do not stray too much from what is well practiced during the split and run over Fanatic for a chance at a rematch versus G2. And yeah, no more Varus for Patrick.


The Origen series was just a showcase of the raw talent in the squad. G2 has shown that when it comes to best-of-five’s they do not mess around. The games they lost versus the above FNC or OG squad they were either matched in a lane and lost or they misplayed in a chaotic environment which cost them a lead or the game. As long as they G2 can control the temptation to absolutely style on opponents, they have this Spring Split trophy.

But… Fnatic has figured out a way to beat G2 by bringing more chaos in the environment then G2 can handle, Origen on the other hand has shown that if you let a Nukeduke get ahead you will get nuked. In either scenario it will be down to the G2 to grab hold of the reigns early and bring the title home.

The fiesta starts at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam this Saturday April 13th at 16:30 CEST.