League of Legends Teams to Compete in the High Stakes Tournament Clash

League of Legends fans have long argued that there is a gap separating casual players from professionals. Riot was quick to introduce the “ranked play” system, which is currently the most popular game mode. It acts as a springboard to the esports arena, but the way to the top is long and twisted. For the vast majority of those who play ranked matches progress is slow, incremental and most roads lead nowhere.


In recent years, Riot Games has introduced several tournaments modes for players who would assemble a team and sign up for such events. These proved to be immensely popular and as a result, their numbers continue to grow, with new additions every year. In 2018, a brand-new high-stakes tournament has arrived and it goes by the name of Clash. What differentiates this competition from existing ones is the fact that it accommodates players of all skill levels.

Three Exciting Days for League of Legends Players

Clash has the potential of becoming a truly popular tournament, because of its extraordinary flexibility. For starters, anyone can participate regardless of skill and experience, as long as they are part of a team. Furthermore, the tournaments run for only three days and take place every two weeks, so it is very easy to make the necessary arrangements. As any respectable tournament, this one will provide participants with a chance of winning exclusive prizes.
Compared to League of Legends esports tournaments, Clash is a single elimination styled event, so it reaches a conclusion pretty quickly. Players need to have a rank in Summoner’s Rift and their honor level should be at least two.

This is an important incentive to follow the Summoner code, respect teammates and give them no reasons to report you. If these prerequisites are met, players only need to assemble a team and then use it throughout the Clash tournament.
Riot Games has always been big on customization and it will allow players to choose a logo and team name.

In order to maintain the fairness of this competition, the team rank will be determined by calculating the combined skill level of each member. The developers have announced their commitment to prevent players from abusing the system in any way. They even have a plan to mitigate the risks of players using smurf accounts to boost their friends.

The Most Transparent League of Legends Event Yet

Clash promises to be different from previous League of Legends tournaments in several regards. Players will be able to choose any champion, as all will be unlocked, so you don’t have to own them all. At the same time, they can learn useful details about opponents, such as their top picks and stats. Teams will be pit against each other in one of the three brackets and those who win two games will advance to the next day. The winner of the championship trophy will be decided in the third day among the 16 teams left.


Riot Games will use these tournaments as incentives to keep players active and motivate them to play more games. That’s because players need to spend blue essence or Riot Points on tickets that grant access to these competitions.

Players who sign up for the event using a premium ticket will be eligible for upgraded prizes. Speaking of which, rewards range from banners and Clash capsules, to logos and exclusive victory points. Winners will also get bragging rights, in the form of trophies that appear next to their Nexus two weeks after every event.