League of Legends Rift Rivals Match predictions – Day 1

The League of Legends Rift Rivals starts tomorrow and it looks like both NA and European teams will be giving each other a hard time.

Rift RIvals League of Legends

Echo Fox vs. Fnatic – Game 1

Given Echo Fox’s strong performance in 2018, it is no surprise they were able to make it to this year’s rift rivals. While they have secured some impressive wins so far in the NA LCS Summer Split, they fell against Optic Gaming, and more recently, Team Liquid. This shows, while Echo Fox are good, they slip against the more well known, top teams. Fnatic has also demonstrated their strength, however, remain behind other teams like Misfits and G2 Esports. The game between these two top tier teams will be very close. Since Fnatic has more experience in the international scene, they are slightly favoured.

Prediction: Echo Fox 47% | Fnatic 53%

Team Liquid vs. Splyce – Game 2

Team Liquid are very strong, unfortunately, their performance remains inconsistent. In saying so, TL have what it takes to defeat the best teams, but also suddenly stumble in the most unexpected situations. Splyce are looking better after their four loss streak during week one and two, winning both their week three games. That said, Splyce remain much weaker in comparison to Team Liquid.

Predicition: Team Liquid 73% | Splyce 28%

100 Thieves vs. G2 Esports – Game 3

While the 100 Thieves may look like one of the stronger teams in the NA LCS, most of their wins have been against the weaker teams. G2, on the other hand, have been long established as one of, if not the best team in the EU LCS for the past few seasons. This match should be a clean win for the Europeans.

Predictions: 100 Thieves 23% | G2 Esports 77%

NA vs EU Rift Rivals predictions

Echo Fox vs. Splyce – Game 4

Given Splyce’s poor performance in the EU LCS, it is likely Echo Fox will be able to secure the win. The Rift Rivals will be one of Echo Fox’s key games in their competitive history, given previous poor performance up until now which limited their exposure against international teams. It is also worth to note, this will be the second game for both these teams. Depending on their results earlier in the day, it may skew predictions.

Predictions: Echo Fox 60% | Splyce 40%