LPL 2020 Spring Playoff Finals Prediction – Who will be crowned new king of 2020 LPL?

The 2020 Spring Season for the League of Legends Pro League, also regarded as the LPL, is soon coming to its end. The third place match between IG and FPX will take place tomorrow, 29th of April, while the finals will be held three days later on the 2nd of May. Both matches will follow the LPL’s usual playoffs format of a Best of 5.

The winner of the finals match between Top Esports and JD Gaming will gain the qualification to represent China / the LPL in the second largest League of Legends tournament of the year, the Mid-Season Invitational. Here, they will battle some of the biggest names all around the world, including G2 Esports, T1 and Cloud9.

China has long established themselves as one of the, if not the best region in the world. However, given TOP and JDG have yet to play in a major international event, this may present an opportunity for China to cement their strength as the top region.

These finals matches are worth a try in LoL betting: keep reading our predictions and pick the best team to bet on.

2020 LPL Spring Playoffs Finals Predictions


Third place match – Invictus Gaming vs. Fun Plus Phoenix

Invictus Gaming started the year off extremely strong, only dropping two matches in the 2020 LPL Spring Regular Season, placing them first in the league. IG unfortunately choked hard recently against TES where they failed to properly position, leading to them getting picked and out rotated.

On a similar path, Fun Plus Phoenix started out the season strong, placing third in the regular season, earning themselves a placement in the playoffs straight to the quarterfinals. While they were able to take down Edward Gaming 3-1, they had also similarly dropped the ball to JD Gaming, failing to take a single match, ending 0-3.

It is expected Invictus Gaming will be able to regroup and return to their previous form, thus having a strong chance in defeating Fun Plus Phoenix and allowing for a top 3 finish in playoffs

Prediction: Invictus Gaming 62% l Fun Plus Phoenix 38%

Finals match – Top Esports vs. JD Gaming

Top Esports (TES) started their playoff’s journey in the quarterfinals having placed forth 2020 LPL Spring Regular Season. While TES did play well  in the regular season, little expected their strong performance to come.

The quarterfinals saw World Elite take early advantages over TES in the first two games, however, the team were able to quickly bounce back, finishing the series 3-1. Heading into the semi-finals, they were involved in a major upset of events, with Top Esports overwhelming the greats of the LPL, Invictus Gaming. Top Esports had almost went undefeated against IG, only failing to close out game 3 fast enough, leading to their early game dominated Renekton and Lee Sin dropping off.

JG Gaming on the other hand started in the semi-finals having finished 2nd place in the regular season. The team looks significantly stronger having decimating Fun Plus Phoenix in the semis, going 3-0 against the fellow top 3 team. JD gaming had only been considered to be beneath IG, however, having also been defeated by TES in the past (2-0), the match will be very close.

Prediction: Top Esports 43% l JG Gaming 57%