LPL 2020 Spring Split – A super month of competitive League of Legends

If you used to love the Super Weeks in League broadcasts when they offered us an extra day of matches, you are going to love the LPL 2020 Spring Split. Amid all the trouble caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, some good news related to the Chinese LoL scene grace us this week. The LPL is back and is going to give us a “Super Month” of non-stop action.

After almost two months of uncertainty, the LPL 2020 Spring Split got back on track this week with a new format and condensed schedule. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the league moves to an online format and a full month of everyday action to adjust for lost time. Everything is not running smoothly just yet, but for millions of fans in China the return of the LPL is a welcomed distraction.

LPL Broadcast

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LPL 2020 Format Changes

The LPL 2020 Schedule is condensed into 3 matches/day for 40 days between March 9 – April 19.  All games will be played in an online format, with most teams playing from their team headquarters across China. Changes in the format and the density of games are likely going to burnout some players. This is especially amplified by the LPL still following the bo3 competitive format. The online format presents additional challenges due to potential latency issues, but league officials are working hard to minimize said problems.

Additionally, some teams cant even compete with their full rosters and coaching staff as players are still under quarantine. Half the EDG squad and coach Clearlove are not able to compete this split. LPL superstar Uzi is also unable to compete due to quarantine. We do hope by the end of Spring all teams will be able to gather their squads and go full force in Playoffs.

Finally, the Summer Split will begin on May 23rd less then a month after Spring Playoffs. The decision comes after Riot Games decided to move the Mid Season Invitational from May to July and tweak the competitive schedule globally.

The full LPL 2020 schedule is available HERE.

LPL 2020 Stream & Broadcast

LPL Broadcasts will run daily starting at 14:00 PM CST (7:00 AM CET & 2:00 AM EST) with immediate rebroadcasts. For western audiences, official streams will become available soon. Riot Games has been facing some technical difficulties as of late, but is currently working on a solution.

Until then you can follow the LPL at the following supplementary links:

Chinese Official Broadcast:
English Unofficial Broadcast (Opal):

We will keep regular updates on the LPL 2020 Spring Split in our News Section as the competition progresses.

Update: The Official English broadcast on Twitch and Youtube is set to begin on March 15.