LPL Match Predictions

The Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China is currently underway and we have two great games ahead of us this week. Read our top match predictions and find out which teams are most likely to have the upper hand and who is most likely to be walking away empty handed.

Invictus Gaming vs. Rogue Warriors – Day 1

While Rogue Warriors have proved themselves worthy by making it to the semifinals, their overall performance compared to Invictus Gaming has been much weaker. Invictus have secured first spot in the group stage, almost going undefeated; their only loss came against Royal Never Give Up in Week One. This loss certainly caused Invictus to play a bit off compared to the rest of the split in the semifinal playoffs.

While Invictus did end up losing to RNG, forcing them to the third place match against Rogue Warriors, they remain a dominant force. Rogue Warriors, on the other hand, have only proven to be a good team, unfortunately failing at the hand of other veteran LPL teams.

Invictus will likely defeat Rogue Warriors in either a 3-0 or 3-1 series. It is unlikely it will extend to the entire full five games. While Invictus will likely dominant the early game, Rogue Warriors have a good chance at taking first dragon as they have shown in the past to put high priority on the objective.

Overall win – Invictus 73% | Rogue Warriors 27%
First drag – Invictus 53% | Rogue Warriors 47%
First blood – Invictus 60% | Rogue Warriors 40%

Royal Never Give Up vs. Edward Gaming – Day 2

The battle between the two top tier veteran teams will be a close one. While the overall performance for both teams was a little worse than expected throughout the spring split, the players’ skill remains. Uzi will represent Royal Never Give Up once again in the Playoffs, making this his eight appearance throughout either the Spring or Summer playoffs.

This game will certainly rely on which jungler first takes initiative and pulls off a successful gank. The series, or at least the first game will likely extend past 40 minutes, both teams wishing to drag it out towards the late game for a cleaner finish. So far this split, Haro has been slightly more successful than Mlxg, a slight advantage for Edward Gaming. From Haro’s slightly more dominant play, Edward Gaming will gain the advantage in either first blood or first drag.

Overall win – Royal Never Give Up 42% l Edward Gaming 58%
First drag – Royal Never Give Up 47% l Edward Gaming 53%
First blood – Royal Never Give Up 35% l Edward Gaming 65%