MAD vs FNC – LEC 2023 Season Finals Preview

Even though both teams are locked in for Worlds 2023, MAD and FNC will be fighting for a spot in the great final of the LEC Season Finals against G2.

mad vs fnc season finals

Image Credits | Michal Konkol/Riot Games

MAD vs FNC – LEC Season Finals – the last lower bracket match

After a hard-fought season for all the European teams, MAD and FNC have made it through and will be playing in South Korea in one month’s time. The two teams’ paths, however, are almost opposite: MAD started off great, winning the Spring title and always being a decent team throughout most splits (despite some ups and downs). Fnatic, on the other hand, rose to the top only at the very end, making their way through the Season Finals by earning just enough championship points to qualify. They broke their way through the loser bracket and will now have the chance to land a final. From ending bottom two in Winter, this is definitely a big turnaround to their 2023 season.

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How are the two teams playing?

FNC beat Team BDS last week in a stressful five-game series. They rightfully earned the win, especially considering how they were able to perform with emergency sub Wunder in the top lane, who stepped in at the last minute.

With Oscarinin still recovering from the injury, it’s not sure whether he will be back in time for this match and potentially the grand final. Luckily for the team, Wunder did a remarkable job at holding the pressure and it was visible how much he stepped up throughout the series. He has always been someone you can’t really punish much and even Adam couldn’t really get a lead over him.

That said, Fnatic’s games are still quite messy to watch and I feel like they still to need polish their own gameplay. They still maintain that highly volatile gameplay which can backfire and bring higher levels of inconsistency.

Even though I like how MAD plays and what they are able to bring to the table, the general impression I have is that they haven’t really improved much over the past few months, after returning back from MSI. Yes, they are great at playing their own game, with Elyoya being a great enabler and playing through jungle-mid, but I haven’t seen much of an evolution. They are still strong, which is why they are top three, but I’m worried they will have trouble once they head to South Korea.

The main issue for me is that it looks like Chasy doesn’t really fit the team’s identity and is causing a few problems with how the team delivers. He’s not good at being a weak side player and it can mess up if he cannot hold the pressure properly. This doesn’t mean he’s inherently bad, I think Chasy is a great top laner. But unless MAD finds a way to play around him or his weakness, they will not be able to go long in the tournament. That said, it should be still good enough to win against a team like FNC.

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Who wins then?

I don’t think MAD are necessarily stronger than FNC but they have more consistency that will make a difference in a Bo5. If both teams are playing to their full potential, then FNC might actually make it, but their chances are, in my opinion, a little lower.

Nevertheless, it should be an entertaining series, and with the match taking place in Montpellier in front of a big crowd, it will be a memorable series for both teams.

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