Major Aatrox’s changes with LoL PBE 9.9

Large changes have been made to Aatrox which are now live on the PBE 9.9 cycle. Aatrox will be much stronger in the late game, however, rushing in at the start of fights is less viable due to the new constraints of his ult revive.


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Base states: Health regeneration every five seconds has been nerfed from 8 to 3. This is to compensate for the additional healing that has been included in Aatrox’s kit.

Q: Cooldown has been lowered dramatically at all levels from 16/15/14/13/12 to 14/12/10/8/6. To compensate for this and to simplify combat slightly, the starting cooldown timer on Q will begin on its most recent cast. Base damage for The Darkin Blade (Q) has been minutely buffed at later stages from 10/25/40/55/80 to 10/30/50/70/90.

W: Slow ratio has been changed to a flat 25% at all levels. However, cooldown has been increased largely at its earlier stages but remains 14 seconds at max level. Overall, a huge nerf to his W, making it harder for Aatrox to trade with opponents in the laning phase.

E: No longer grants bonus attack damage for 1.5 seconds. However, healing has been increased to encompass almost all sources of Aatrox’s damage.

R: The biggest change to Aatrox’s kit, Riot almost completely reworking the ability. The ultimate will now grant decaying movement speed (60/80/100%) over the entire duration of World Ender (R). In addition, while the ult is active, Aatrox receives additional healing (40/55/75%), allowing him to survive fights in late game with lifesteal. However, revival will be dependant upon his ability to claim a takedown (kill or assist). Note, takedowns will increase the duration of the ult by 5 seconds and refresh the movement speed burst. Other major changes in his ult include a 99% slow while reviving, halved cast time (now 0.25 seconds, allowing for better reactive play), a flat 30% of max hp revive at all levels and lowered cdr.

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