Major changes to come in the loading screen, including chat

As previously shown on the “Ranked 2019 video” by Riot Games, the loading screen will get a big makeover. The new loading screen will soon be hitting the Public Beta Environment, also known as the PBE, a server that allows certain player that have access to test up and coming changes in League of Legends. Loading in games in 2019 will allow players to chat to their team members, however, ALL Chat will be disabled during this period, like champ select.

This change was brought by Riot in order to utilise the usual downtime in the loading screen and to allow players to strategize earlier on. Doing so will allow for clearer invades and skirmishes in the early game through the additional planning time.


© Riot Games

The new loading screen will also enable players to control their voice control options without having to alt tab. While this is a small change, it makes the player experience a bit smoother. In an effort to make the game more player friendly for beginners, the loading screen will give players the option to view their opponent’s spells or runes by hovering over them. As the rune system may be quite overwhelming for new players due to the vast amount of different runes, this addition will ease the pressure of new players in having to memorise the picture and description of each rune, or face going in blind.

Clicking on a champion will reveal the player’s mastery level and mastery points. This is a great source of information to determine the level of skill an opponent has on a particular champion, and is especially helpful for junglers to decide who they will want to focus and gank. Note, by clicking on an opponent it will also, for the first time, reveal their ranked border in the loading screen.