Mastercard becomes Riot Games’ new sponsor

Riot has just revealed their latest major global sponsor, Mastercard.

Unlike other traditional sponsors which usually keep to one region, Matercard will be sponsoring Riot’s worldwide endeavors given their sheer size and global presence.

Being such a major sponsor, it paves the way for greater opportunities for Riot’s future, demonstrating that esports are here to stay. This sort of sponsorship agreement is a first for Riot Games, and it’s expected to be worth tens of millions.

While esports in general remains smaller than traditional sports, LoL Esports and Riot Games have shown the game’s long term sustainability, which has a well-defined target audience, further confirming that this industry is a sound investment. The audience is particularly special, as esports is filled predominantly with younger teens to middle aged adults, who spend a lot on esports related goods and services.

“We are excited to partner with Mastercard because they are truly world class at elevating fan experiences. Look what they do with Major League Baseball, the Grammys and other events. We look for partners who share our philosophy in being fan focused.”
Naz Aletaha – Head of Esports partnerships at Riot Games

Hopefully this deal will encourage Riot to invest more into their esports division, unlike the spending cutbacks which had been reported a few weeks ago. This will give Riot more financial incentive to invest in esports. As Mastercard mentioned, they wish to partner with Riot due to their fan focus.

This deal follows Riot’s scandal having a reportedly sexist culture, however, Mastercard assured they have discussed this issue with Riot and are satisfied with their ongoing response to the situation. By saying so, it reaffirms Mastercard’s strong desire to enter and sponsor the League of Legends scene, which will be a benefit to all, both for the spectators and for the esports pros.