LoL Mid-Season Invitational: SKT vs IG & G2 post-match discussion

While many predicted SK Telecom T1 to be back into top form following their dominance in the LCK, SKT’s recent performance is not going too great.


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SK Telecom T1 vs. Invictus Gaming

This game was absolutely brutal for the Koreans. While SKT were able to secure an early first blood, a kill was instantly traded back, placing JackeyLove ahead from the start. With Ning’s superior pressure and ganks in the early game, IG were quickly placed ahead in both the bot and mid lane. This allowed Invictus to claim the first tower not even a full seven minutes into a game, with an uncontested Ocean Drake soon following. Only fourteen minutes in, JackeyLove had been equipped with a Blood Thirster, Mercurial Scimitar and B.F sword, allowing him to life steal easily through fights. Eventually, Invictus turned around SKT’s forced fight, wiping almost all their members, and pushing through the base only to claim the nexus in a pre-sixteen-minute game. This absolute steamroll by Invictus Gaming has set the world record for the Fastest International League of Legends match ever, at 15:57.

SK Telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports

G2 had shocked the crowd with their pick/ban phase, with Wunder locking in Pyke top. Khan was able to secure an early lead against Wunder, abusing his range and all in potential with the Jayce pick. However, G2 has superior rotations in the early to mid game, allowing for G2 to come back with Pyke’s double ultimate execution. The G2 Esports composition enabled them to quickly rotate and pick off more SKT members as the game progressed, eventually allowing them to snowball their small leads. While SKT were able to execute fights extremely well, they were never able to fully take down Wunder multiple times, leading him to quickly regen and re-enter fights with near full hp. The final fight saw G2 sweep SKT’s base with their baron empowered minions in all three lanes.

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